1When let you know who the best

1When you talk about the best running back in the league there are a lot of names you can mention. These are the guys you here about week in and week out.

The NFL has a lot of excellent backs and the most noted is LaDainian Tomlinson (LT), the stats are great for this guy. So I will let you know who the best running back in the league is. In the NFL there are a lot of great running backs. There are a lot of guys that you can say are the best in the NFL; but there is one that stands above the rest.

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LT is the best running back in the league. He is one of the only all around backs in the NFL. When you look at the list that the experts put up LT is at the top of them all.

This is almost true for experts and non experts. I feel that LT is the best running back in the league because he is the best all around back in the league. He runs very well and can also catch the ball out of the backfield.

Also he is a great blocker. LT pretty much does everything that you want out of a running back. LT doesn’t talk very big about himself either. He is one of the laid back quiet players in the league and that is a good quality in a player.

There is a lot of competition this year in the league for that top spot. Yea you think it’s the normal backs you hear about but not this year. The competition that he is getting is coming from a couple of rookies; they look like they have been in the league for some years now. Carnell “Cadillac” Williams is playing some great football right now. Before he was injured he was leading the league is rushing yards.

HE helped his team to a 4-0 start. Cadillac had 450 yards in 3 games. That was more than LT but that didn’t mean he is the best. Also Ronnie Brown also is having a good season as a rookie for the Dolphins.

He only has 383 yards on 83 carries a 4.1 yard average which is good for the league; he just needs to get the ball more. What about the other big name backs? That’s just what it is what about them. Priest Holmes and Jamal Lewis two of the better backs in the league are rarely being talk about.

Neither one of them is playing up to there potential right now. Holmes is in Kansas City getting his.

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