The who have a pretty good chance of

The Best Day of the Week
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday Friday Saturday
Sunday Month Year
Sunday and Monday are sitting around a table, having lunch.

Monday : You can’t win every time, you know. It’s got to be someone else this time.

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Sunday : Rubbish! I’ve nearly always won the Best Day of the Week award and I’ll win it this time too.

Monday : I wouldn’t be too sure if I were you. There are others who have a pretty good chance of getting the award.

Sunday : (rolls his eyes) If you mean yourself by others, then dream on. Everyone detests you as they have to go to work on your day after a whole weekend. On the other hand, everyone loves me since I’m a public holiday.

Monday : (gets up angrily) Oh really? We’ll see at the ceremony. You shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch.

She goes out through the door.

Monday and Tuesday are sitting on a sofa. Monday is frowning and Tuesday has put an arm around her to comfort her.

Tuesday : Sunday didn’t really say all that to you, did he?
Monday : Of course he did! I’ve been thinking over it a bit. He’s right. Being a public holiday is quite beneficial.

Tuesday : So?
Monday : Well, I’ve decided to declare myself a public holiday too. Why don’t you do the same? It’ll teach that Sunday a lesson alright.

Tuesday : (pauses for a while) Hmm. It’s certainly an idea worth considering.

Wednesday is rocking in his armchair, smoking a pipe. Suddenly, the door opens and Thursday strides in.

Wednesday : You’re back early.

Thursday : Am I?
Wednesday : What’s the news?
Thursday : It’s all about Monday and Tuesday, of course. They’ve caused quite an excitement. The children are all singing their praises.
Wednesday : Ah! They’re quite popular now, aren’t they?
A wise decision, it was.

Thursday : You’re right about that. I wish we could be like them too.

Wednesday : (looks at Thursday in a strange way) Can’t we?
A smile slowly spreads on Thursday’s face as he returns the same look.

A room completely in chaos. Friday is sitting on a heap of clothes on the floor while Saturday has occupied the only chair in the room.

Friday : This is outrageous! Six public holidays in a single week! They’re all downright nutters!
Saturday: (through half-closed eyes) I don’t see why should trouble yourself or me about this. They can all jump into the sea, for all I care.

Friday : ( stares at him disgustedly) WE SHOULD CARE! It’s our duty to make sure everything works as it should and what they’ve done will spoil everything. All for a stupid award!
Saturday : Friday dear, you upset my nerves. Do calm yourself down. Let’s not bother about the other Days anymore. Peace is more important, you know.

Friday gazes at him, speechless with disdain, before stomping out of the room.

A room furnished lavishly with a large book rack at the back. Year and Month are seated on two comfortable-looking chairs.

Month : It’s getting quite out of hand.

Year : Indeed, my friend. The days are acting foolishly. The daily routines of everyone are disrupted and work badly affected. Even the children have realized this.

Month : Aren’t you going to do something about this, then?
Year : (smiles) Friday keeps plaguing me about this too. I’ll have to.

Month : (smiles back) She’s a hot-blooded spirit, that Friday. What will you do then?
Year : All will be revealed in good time, my dear fellow.

A large hall with a platform in the front, on which Year is standing. The audience, seated here and there around the platform, consists of the Days of the week and Month.

Monday : (whispers) Year’s going to announce the winner. I’m so excited!
Sunday: You bet!
Saturday: Hush!
Year : (in a loud, clear voice) After a lot of brain-racking, I’ve come to the conclusion that this award should go to…… (gives a long pause) NOBODY!
Everyone gasps. There is evident confusion in the audience.

Year : Yes. I realized that we’re all foolish to have been holding this meaningless ceremony for years. No day should have any preference over others. Every day is special in its own way. Work is important. A day on which you have to work is by no means inferior. That’s why I request Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to resume their former duties.

The audience cheers loudly in assent as Year steps down and grabs a chair amidst them.

Month : (pats Year on the back) That was quite a surprise you gave, old fellow.

Year gives a chuckle.

Thursday: We’ve all been real fools, haven’t we?Year : All except Friday. (looks at Friday approvingly)
Friday: (looks down and mumbles) I’m glad everything’s back to normal.



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