The (Norton, 38). In 1607, the Virginia

The beginning of the 17th century saw the English looking towards establishing a new world, and through their colonization, many colonies were founded. However, the Virginia and New England colonies stood out the most. They were both founded by like-minded people, but the two colonies contrasted in many ways ranging from views on interaction with Native Americans and slavery to the way that they made use of their land.

Although both were established for religious and economic reasons and other shared values, the New England and Virginia colonies had their fair share of differences as well. In 1666, a group of merchants and wealthy gentry obtained a royal charter for the Virginia company, organized as a joint-stock company (Norton, 38). In 1607, the Virginia Company dispatched a group of men and boys to a region near the Chesapeake Bay known as Tsenacommacah to the natives, and the colonists established a settlement called Jamestown later that May.

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The colonists were hoping for prosperous times after the settlement; however, the colonists were plagued by dissension and disease. The men of Jamestown also expected to be able to rely on the local natives for food and resources, but they would not cooperate. Moreover, over hundreds more colonists would arrive throughout the years which ended up putting a lot more pressure on the already scarce resources. The chief of Tsenacommacah, Powhatan, had inherited and controlled over 25 villages


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