The beginning of a new era started with the Spanish and Ottoman empires. These empires were built during the period of 1450 to 1800.

Each had similarities within the political, social, and economic affairs such as (being governed by an absolute monarchy, sharing a compassion for religion, and valuing their militaries). Spanish and Ottoman empires were both ruled by an absolute monarchy. These monarchies were ruled by kings and queens who made all political decisions. The government was not restricted or limited by laws or a constitution.

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The Spaniard religion was Christian and the Ottoman was Islam. Christianity and Islamic religions were state recognized and enforced by the government. The Spanish were forceful in making Jews and Muslims convert while living in Spain, while the Ottomans were tolerant, they did not force their subjects to convert to Islam, but that did not mean they gave up Islam entirely. They both however used their religions to create a strong and powerful government.


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