The decisions and rediscover who he once

The Beast The story is about a black highschool student who’s name is only mentioned as Spoons.

Through out the story he is forced to make decisions and rediscover who he once thought he was. He finds that his long time girlfriend’s mother is extremely ill. A few days later one of his former best friends is stabbed and he must accompany him to the hospital. The following day Chanelle his new best friend from the academy kisses him throwing his emotions into a spin. To top off his girl problems Gabi’s mom died and she started to use heroine.

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Soon after this happens her brother Ralf begins “using”. Spoons begins to notice that every thing he once understood and knew is now totally different. He’s three previous friends are either using, in a gang or dropped out.After his girlfriend willingly admits herself to rehabilitation he returns to the academy to finish out his year.

The Beast this is an extremely strong title that is deliberately left general to let the reader ponder on its meaning. The title of this book had different possible meanings to it. The meaning that is used in the book is the ever growing drug problem in the inner cities of the United States.

Although I think that a much stronger and deeper meanings to it. One of these is the problems of world. Spoons puts the beast in a simile, he sais “And there it was in a dark corner staringme in the eyes, the beast”.

This is typical of the American society we simply ignore the things we don’t want to see or hear and we put them in the dark of are minds were we don’t have.

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