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Essay title: The Awakening Full Analysis

Edna, the main character, endures a life as a mother and caretaker as her husband is away for weeks at atime on business. Through this independence a secondtheme develops.

Edna is very lonely and seeks companionship in Robert when her husband is away. The last theme is the discovery of one's own needs and wants. During Edna's "awakening," she discoversher sexual needs as Robert manifest his interest in her. She also explores painting, seeking the satisfaction ofself-creation and the emotions that her paintings portraySetting: The story takes place in Grand Isle, A summer family resort where Edna is vacationing with her husband and children. It is the late 1800's. They return back to their New Orleans home and shortly thereafter Edna returnsto Grand Isle where she ends her life.Major Characters:Edna Pontellier: Edna is a well respected woman. She has 2 children and is "happily" married to her husband, Leonce Pontellier.

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During this summer vacation, however, she begins to realize that she is not happy. She has let go of her passions and ambitions to take on the role that society has inscribed upon her, As a woman, wife, and caretaker. Through her friendship with Adele, She to express and act upon her emotions and feelings as Creole woman do because they are already expected to be chaste. Edna switches from being a responsiblewoman to being selfish in her pursuit for thethings she yearns for. You can see this with her mockery of Robert, when he turns her down.Mademoiselle Reisz: an old woman that can bedescribed as anything but conventional.

She isnot very fond on the rest of the visitors at the resort but enjoys Edna's company as she showstrue interest in the arts and love. Mademoiselle Reisz represents the woman Edna would have become had she not let society force her to conform to the lifestyle expected of a woman in that time period.Adele Ratignolle: Adele represents the conformist life that Edna is expected to follow.

Through her Creole ways, however, she catapults Edna's awakening.Since Creole woman are so openly chaste and devout,they are allowed to speak in a free manner where they express their emotions about life, marriage and sexuality. This reminds Edna of her childhoodambitions and feelings which she yearns to have again.Robert Lebrun: Robert is a flirtatious young man That devotes.

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