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The constant increase in Technology has madeour life easy and increased human comfort at home and at work and I would liketo be an integral part of growth which needs education. Graduation study is amilestone in the recurrent journey to education.

With this desire I, B.Narendra Reddy, wanted to pursue Master’s Program in Computer Networks in anesteemed university.Coming from aclose knit, joint family with farming as our family occupation, excelling ineducation though came naturally, was also expected of me: a necessity andconsidered the passport to professional success. If there is one thing I havealways strived towards, then it is this need to excel and give my best to allthat I take up. The large close knit family environment has also meant I listenmore, understand more, adjust more: essentially someone who is a good friend,guide and support: a characteristic trait that is testified today with the largegroup of friends who gather every other day at home. What has any ofthe above got to do with my eligibility to study MS in Computer Networks at RyersonUniversity? Everything that I bring as a student and a person to contribute to RyersonUniversity, I owe to the above experiences as it has helped shaped the person Iam today. I initiallythought the lighting cable connected to a computer: which shows an output whenyou enter the keywords was with the help of a magic cable. A few years laterthis Magic cable was vanished, and the computer became thinner one and got replacedwith laptops, and it was then that I was enlightened on how the Internet works.

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There was quite a transformation in technology from a wired cable to a wirelessenvironment. I figured that how internet works and how you get response withinseconds you hit a query request in Google. With almost every small task of thisworld performed through Internet and the fast-paced innovations inspired me todelve deeper and gain more knowledge through research. My first realintroduction to computer Networks was during the Fourth semester of myunder-graduate studies when the subject “Computer Organization” was a partof the syllabus. From the first moment of studying about the OSI model layers Iwas totally entranced.

The subject was not only interesting and easy tounderstand but its use and implementation could be seen everywhere around us.From the LAN ports installed in every Network lab to the default gatewaysconnecting us to the internet networking was truly a miracle of moderntechnology and I became determined to learn as much knowledge of the sphere aspossible, both theoretical and practical, and to implement said knowledge inpractical pursuits. Fortunately, withmy keen interest towards Computer Networking discipline, I attended my collegeplacements with a strong urge to get placed in one of the leading IT companies.I got placed in HCL Technologies Ltd and joined after completion of my UG. Byjoining in HCL Technologies Ltd as Network Administrator, my desire to improvethe vast network concepts has taken its proper shape. After my training, we hadan assessment in which I scored top and got assigned to Microsoft Project. Thiswas the phase in initial stages of my small career I witnessed around 40,000Network Devices which incorporate Routers, switches, wireless controllers/accesspoints, load balancers, firewalls and their functionality left me amused.

I wasassigned with monitoring these Network Devices, and If there was a flap or downin these devices we would escalate the tickets to our next level. A strongfeeling started in me that I should know how these devices were brought up and functionalagain.Tofurther my understanding of the practical aspects of Computer Networking Isigned up for an CCNA Course. This was a 70-hour long course intended tofamiliarize with: – Networking models, Networking protocols, NetworkingDevices, Networking Media, Networking Topology, Concept of different Servers,Concept of Networking Security, Implementation of a simple LAN and WAN,Connecting an office or site to Internet, Wireless Network, Simple NetworkTroubleshooting and Network IP Addresses.

Even though a lot of these topicswere familiar to me through my Network Admin work experience andfamiliarization with various Networking devices like Switches, Routers andWireless Modems/ Access Points. The course ended with a project to connect asmall office site to the Internet in a Packet Tracer simulation. Totest and supplement my Networking knowledge I tried to troubleshoot the devicedown issue from my end, and I succeeded in fixing it. This led me to be thepart of my next level Network Admin team.

While working in Network SupportEnvironment, I have gained a firm understanding in Routing and Switching concepts.I was engaged in several Bridge calls and have provided resolution to manyMajor Incidents which helped me in interaction with people from various locations.I can proudly say that I was part of rebuilding the Puerto Rico Site after thedamage it went through, thriving with the Local Site IT and Internet serviceprovider.

With an excellent academic trackrecord, already acquired interdisciplinary skills, I will in every waycontribute to bring fresh viewpoint and critical approach to both technical andapplication concepts. As Executive Board of Department’s cultural festival, Ihave learned to work in diverse teams and lead in a mutually cohesive andrewarding environment. Working for voluntary causes and blood donation campshave allowed me to participate and contribute to the community in everypossible way. I also associated myself with sports. I was the Captain of VRSECKabaddi team and was awarded ‘The Best Riderof the season’. Sports played a key role in improving my leadershipqualities and handling pressure at worst times. I am essentially a team person,who enjoy being in small to large groups and support healthy knowledge sharing.

I hope to use these skills as facilitator and contributor in study groups andtutoring positions available within the departmentMy aim is to propel my interest intechnology and research in the field of Computer Networks. To further solidifythis base and expand my horizons in the Networking world, I believe yourgraduate program would act as a stepping stone to turn my aspirations into myachievements. Ryerson University, to me offers these and several other ways toshare my existing knowledge, interests and learn from diverse, supporting yetcompetitive peer group experiences of fellow classmates and world leadingacademicians and industry professionals. An experience, I am keenly lookingforward to with the hope that this statement together with academic credentialsand resume be given a due consideration for a place in the MS in Computer Networksstarting in Fall 2018.

NarendraPrasad Reddy. B       


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