The product image and attitude. This supported

The article published by Azreen Jihan, Rosidah Musa and Faridah Hassan in 2015 was examined to construct and validate the underlying factorial-structure of attitude predictors’ measurement scale towards Halal skin care product. The sample from this study was 470 among user and non-user.

The data collection used was quota sampling. The factor of this study is Spiritual Intelligence (SQ), Spiritual Congruence (SC), Product Image (PI) and Product Involvement (PV). The method used for this study are the Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA). The variable Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) is the most fundamental element of an individual’s belief that may influence an individual’s attitude in purchasing (Vaske and Donnelly, 1999).

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Then, to demonstrate the congruence among both variables which is Spiritual and self-congruity have been used conversely in marketing literature. Researchers have demonstrated the relationship between product image and attitude. This supported that product image has a positive relationship with the attitude. In order to determine consumers’ belief devoid of the stimulus, high product involvement would find the products to be more attractive of a direct purchase (Richins and Bloch, 1986).

Product involvement is an important role to determine attitude in purchase intention. Besides, well-communicated product image must assist to create a product’s position, lag the product from rivalry, enhance the product’s market performance, and consequently plays an important position in structure long-term product equity. To maintain the purchasing of the product, the firm must maintain the physical qualities, packaging, and design of the overall physical product.

The result shows that the predictors of attitude scale can be a useful indicator in determining the attitude towards Halal skincare product among the user and nonuser. The researcher had recommended the marketing strategy for future research, which is established as an empirical foundation face of understanding consumer attitude and behavioral intention.


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