The goal or purpose where team members can

The article entitled “A successful teamwork: A case study” highlighted the importance of a successful teamwork. In today’s generation, teamwork is the key to success in most realms of life and in the world of work. According to Harris ; Harris (1996), a team has a common goal or purpose where team members can develop effective, mutual relationships to achieve a common goal. One of the most important point from the article is that only through teamwork we can combine a different, complementary point of view to identify and seize hidden synergy opportunities and to overcome difficult obstacles as well as achieve challenging objectives. The article also analyze that teamwork is a challenge but it requires people to manage their egos, develop humility, communicate effectively, resolve conflicts and above all commit to one another and to a common goal. Teamwork is a crucial aspect in one’s life and most times two heads are better than one.

The article provides substantial information that I can use to become a more competent group member in my Oral Communication class. Firstly, I must learn how to exercise my interpersonal skills. My interpersonal skills will allow me to discuss issues openly with team members, be supportive and show respect and commitment to the team and it is individual. Another information is open communication and positive feedback.

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I must learn to be an active listener to concerns and needs of team members so that I can value their contribution to create an effective environment. This will enable me to give and receive constructive criticism and provide an authentic feedback. This information will help me to become a more competent group member.

A one-sided relationship will not last long. Where one person is always giving and other is always taking, you will not have a healthy relationship. A relationship is built on the foundation of teamwork. The article help me realized that in my personal relationship I must learn a healthy relationship is balance between giving and taking and both individuals should benefit. Another important information that I will used is that synergism must exit in a relationship.

When this is, establish in my personal relationship, it will create an environment where individuals such as myself can contribute and participate in conversation to promote and nurture a positive environment. However, by utilizing this information I will now be able to create better relationships with my colleagues, friends, spouses etc.Teams are an integral part of many organizations and should be incorporated as a part of tertiary unit. In the world of work, teamwork is important for the success of all business. The information from the article had taught me that to have a meaningful and lifelong career; I must learn to work well with others.

As a future social worker, teamwork is crucial aspect in the profession and through teamwork, I will able to respond to the needs of clients and link them efficiently to available resources.


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