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My topic is a book by György Moldova, who is a well-known writer of our country. The title of the book is The Diary. The diary of Ernesto Che Guevara that is known as the Bolivian diary around the world. It is about Guevara and his group of guerrillas fighting and failing in Bolivia. In the book the main character writes down his thoughts of freedom, his military movements, and he writes about himself, of course. I have to mention that this piece of art is only based on the original Bolivian diary; Moldova wrote some parts of the book by himself.

He did it to give more clearly image of Guevara’s personality. Che Guevara is said to be the first global rebellious, and the last romantic hero. To understand this book it’s necessary to tell some words about Che’s life. Most of these moments appear in the diary in a different way.

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The diary is shared for days, and sometimes Guevara left out happenings of one or two weeks. In that case Moldova writes the events of that period based on other reports and documents.Che was born in Argentina in1928. His family was-well-to do with five children. Ernesto was the oldest of them. At the age of six, his parents realized that the child suffered from asthma.

That’s why he was refused to join the army at the age of 18.After that he graduated in medicine at the Buenos Aires National University in 1953.But how could an Argentine doctor become the symbol of rebellion? It started with his trips. During his travels he got to know most of the Latin-American countries and people of that states. He spent his time curing and he was interested in archaeology. He didn’t care of politics until 1954 when he was an eyewitness to a military intervention in Guatemala against Jacobo Arbenz’s government, and the following bloody clean-up. Jacobo Arbenz was the prime minister of Guatemala at that time. He was attacked because he wanted to make an agricultural reform that wasn’t good for American monopolies.

Guevara realised that this wasn’t an isolated event. Coming into conflict with the interests of the USA is inescapable. Guevara moved to Mexico where he met a group of rebellious, and their leader Fidel Castro, who wanted to defeat dictatorship in Cuba. The group had only 82 members. Che Guevara took big part in the revolt in Cuba. The three years of fighting for Cuba’s freedom made him popular and well known.

After the victory of their revolt he became the leader of the Agricultural Institute and later the chairman of the Nationality Bank of Cuba. During his public years he wrote books on guerrilla fighting skills, on socialism and of course on revolution in Cuba. He slowly realized that fighting is more suitable for him than organizing the peaceful construction of agrarian. He left Cuba in1959 because he wasn’t the friend of the soviet type of communism and his behaviour would have made difficult Cuba’s communication with the.

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