The version of Pocahontas and what history portrays.

The animated Walt Disney movie Pocahontas is based on a life story of a young Indian girl named Matoaka, who fell deeply in love with John Smith. In 1995 when the movie was being made, Walt Disney attempted to relate to the early 17th Century historic event of Europeans settling in Jamestown, however disney did not portrait the true story. Even though it was to harsh for the kids to watch what really happened, disney should have been more real with the viewers for the sake of the indigenous people. Many people believe that the movie is the real story, there are many similarities with the movie’s version of Pocahontas and what history portrays.Likewise, in the movie they show how adventurous she was by always wandering off, she had many connections with the wild. In both the movie and in real life reports, Pocahontas was home to the native area that she knew a lot about it. All the trails and rivers were well-known by her.

As a contrast, in the movie they show Pocahontas has a pet racoon, but in real life racoons don’t serve well as pets so most likely she did not have possession of one. In the movie they show Pocahontas being the first one seeing the Englishmen in person. Facts are, we don’t actually have an idea who saw these explorers for the first time. In the movie it showed Pocahontas meeting John as an adult but in real life she was 11 and John was 28, she also was naked when they met and she didn’t wear a fur coat until she was 12 to keep warm. The indian tribe can not actually speak english however in the movie they could.

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When their boat had landed on the indians land in movie they show John smith exploring right away but he got arrested and wasn’t released until a month after they landed.In conclusion, there are likenesses and differentences from the movie and reality because no matter what there will always be differences in movies based on real storys. But most importantly, multiple people believe that the movie is the real story on how the europeans settled in jamestown. The way Disney shows the movie is a lot like the facts, But yet it misses so many details on how everything really happened.


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