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The fieldof engineering has always intrigued my mind. I have always found interest in themechanics and supporting infrastructure thatmake the aerospace industry function, the path to understanding how science andmathematical concepts have been used to solve problems has continuallyfascinated me.

In recent history, engineering accomplishments achieved byengineers have grown exponentially. But, magnitudes of problems still remainunsolved. My aspiration is to contribute to this forefront industry.  To support and advance my passion, I like to spend aproportion of my time researching; I have found resources such as thedocumentaries and books about aircraft and airport development to be beneficialin building my knowledge. Documentaries about the process in developing theA380 and Hong Kong International airport have especially appealed to me as itprovided me with an insight into the challenges such as airport restrictionswhich limited the wingspan of the A380 and tropical climates which almostdisconnected HKIA from its foundations. I believe that research into the fieldhas built upon my knowledge and       For me, Education has always been the sole drivingforce, it is my belief that education holds the key to a person’s development.Throughout secondary and college education, I have found particular interest inphysics and mathematics; the option to study engineering was also offered at myschool through a college link, I believe studying engineering gave me a deeperappreciation for the subject and made me understand the level of correlationbetween these subjects and everyday life.  During school and college education my teachersenrolled me into the honours academy, this process aimed to provide an insightinto university education.

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From the honours academy, we were givenmasterclasses from notable individuals in their respected field of study; a lotof the work was adapted to mimic study at university level education. Duringthe latter phases of this programme we were given the opportunity to apply fora competitive progression course with regular attendance at the university ofExeter in a subject of our choice to further develop our experiences atuniversity and the knowledge in our chosen field. This course also gave me theopportunity to converse with undergraduates and lecturers about universityeducation in the scope of engineering. By attending the course, I gained vitalskills such as working collectively as a team to advance a project. The coursealso helped build my knowledge about the world of engineering.

     Being an individual who is constantly looking foropportunities to enhance my exposure to the world of engineering, I challengedmyself to find work experience. Through my affiliation with UK youth parliamentI was able to find myself work experience with Somerset county council highwaysand transport councillor David Fothergill. The opportunity allowed me to shadowan individual with a vast understanding in the area of engineering on a greaterscale; this experience showed me how transport and infrastructure affected thelives of individuals living in the county. I was also given the opportunity tounderstand the i Aero project and was given an in-depth insight into how mycounty was planning to expand the aerospace influence in the area.

 Extensive research in university courses hasallowed me to come to the conclusion that I want to seek a career in the fieldof engineering. I believe my experiences and education has properly prepared meto study a course in engineering and I am eager to face the challenges andopportunities which accompany the course. 


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