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The Character, Lady Macbeth, is portrayed as a determined yet extremely villainous character throughout the play Macbeth. She constantly drives her husband, Macbeth, out of his comfort zone but little does he know that it is all to her own advantage.

Lady Macbeth always requires more for her and her husband; however, she is never satisfied, even when Macbeth receives Thane of Cawdor. She puts this thought into Macbeth’s head that he must prove his status to her by becoming the king just to make her happy. Aside from Lady Macbeth’s goal of wealth and power, it seems as if she wants to be stronger than she actually is. Even though she is a female, and during this time period they were looked down upon, Lady Macbeth uses her status as Macbeth’s wife to grab other’s attention by claiming many times throughout the play that everything she does is out of the bravery and strength of a woman to claim she is much more powerful than others. Lady Macbeth goes to extreme lengths to achieve her power such as helping kill King Duncan but that eventually leads to her insanity and later her suicide.  On the other hand, the character, Daisy Buchanan, from the novel The Great Gatsby is portrayed as an egocentric and materialistic woman.

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The reader learns that at the beginning of her and Gatsby’s relationship, he is a soldier who has little to nothing to offer her but is still in love with her. Although Daisy claims to love him back, she still does not agree to marry him. Coincidentally, she chooses to marry Tom Buchanan, an extremely wealthy and educated man, because she would remain in her position of power as well as higher wealth status.

Daisy’s goals are to live a life full of luxury and comfort and luckily, she achieves these goals through her marriage with Tom, but of course, still remains unhappy. Their toxic relationship motivates Daisy to cheat on her husband with the man she claims to love before Tom. What is interesting about Daisy and Gatsby’s affair is that it is only after he gains so much money that she agrees to associate herself with him. Just like when she was with Tom, Daisy may appear to be in love with Gatsby, but it is extremely apparent throughout the novel that she is more in love with his power and money rather than himself.

            In conclusion, Lady Macbeth and Daisy Buchanan’s goals to attain wealth and power become their main focus that eventually leads to their downfalls. Daisy goes back to her sad and toxic relationship with Tom while Lady Macbeth remains occupied by her sadness and shame she has created that eventually ends in her taking her own life. The tragic endings of the two most influential female characters in both play and novel are caused by their compulsive and tormenting behaviours to achieve their goals of happiness whether through respect from others, wealth or love. 


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