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The  technology of printing & typography which makes the use of movable assets to produce the elements of documents are called Movable Typography. It is usually made on paper medium.

This technology of printing on paper which later was composed into books originated in china somewhere around 1040 AD. Jikji was on of the wolds oldest movable book which was made out of metal which was made in Goryeo dynasty which was in Korea. It was limited to Asia because of the difference of movable typing systems. Although it was brought back to England by Christian Missionaries, Merchants , Business folks on their return from china which had a great influence in bringing back of the typography to England which the development of the printing technology had a greater hand. Some of these old prints are still preserved in museums and also in library in Oxford university and Vatican University and also with other Handful of university.

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The movable type of printing with used the press method was invented by Johannes Gutenberg sometime around in 1400 AD in Germany , Europe and also invented casting and hand moulded prints. It was a really important factor cause there were really small number of alphabetical characters in European  language one of the first persons to make their own Typing piece from alloy was none other than Johannes Gutenberg himself and its legacy lasted for almost 550-580 years. For making alphabetical Scripts it was found that the movable printing was much faster compared to woodblock printing. It was also found that the woodblock method was not efficient in the long run as they wore down and they couldn’t make them uniform as compared to metal press which was more easier to make it uniform and was also ultra durable which paved the way to fonts and typography. It spread  very quickly because of very low cost for making Gutenberg’s bible compared to Handwritten one which was much more expensive and It was considered to be superior to all other methods in Europe with lead to spreading of printing presses in Europe.

It is also said that press printing played a major role brining up the Renaissance and because of its efficiency and effectiveness it spread around all across the world . The fall of movable typography was because of successfulness of  hot metal typesetting and it took place in the 20TH century


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