The disinformation at a US Senate hearing

The digital era is a term used to describe the releasing of new media-based internetwith conveying information more easily and quickly. Many people think that there are manybenefits from this new media, but many people also feel the disadvantages of it.As the global phenomenon toward digitalization era, the untrustworthy news isholding popular issues as the challenges of people around the world. Evidenced by all thecompanies and government are still thinking and giving innovations about how to make moretrustworthy news feed. Recently, the companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, andmany others were grilled on the issue of online disinformation at a US Senate hearing lastOctober.

It means that reducing the misinformation news in the world is not clear yet.Therefore, supporting the trustworthy news in online-media is very important.The reason why boosting the trustworthy news is very important is because of thereare so many conflict, both little and big conflict in the world which is caused bymisinformation, polarization, and sensationalism from social media. Usually, the existence ofcounterfeit news can lead to conflict in politicians who are on campaigning time, before andafter the election.

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Beside the conflict which it is harming two or more than parties, untrustworthy newshas been also disserving one party or certain parties. For example, in the middle of 2017,Indonesia has found company that produced fake news named Saracen. Saracen is hoax newsspreader-company in social media that contains ethnical issue, religion issue and many otherswhich are sensitive issues. Saracen raised more than 800 thousand accounts throughFacebook by order. This case indicates that the spread of hoax news has progressed to anorganized stage and commercial aspect.Moreover, the untrustworthy news has been making a phenomenon of publicdeception.

Usually, public deception is used on political purposes like election. World hasjust found a "like" factory run by Chinese citizens in Malaysia that aims to produce “like” insocial media which buyers who often buy are cheating politicians, so that in their socialmedia would be appear as like as they have many supporters, but the fact is contrast. Thismakes confusion in society. Furthermore, the people is now very active using social mediaand very easy to believe with the news without exploring further. The fact in society showspeople rarely read the news in social media completely, they often just read the heading thatlooks interesting, quickly read, and is considered to have represented the content of the news,but it is not all the reality like that.There are many possible ways to decrease the untrustworthy news and boost thetrustworthy news.

The main important solution is start from individuals such as act carefully,scrutinize and clarify the news spread. Furthermore, if any people find disturbing andquestionable news, the government had provided a service to accommodate variousaspirations and complaints from the community called LAPOR, and people can use it wisely.Besides, the government had closed many fake news spreader accounts. This action must becontinued by the government. For the net-citizens, they have to increase their awareness andmust not easily be influenced by all of the news that spread around them.

In conclusion, in this digital era which has made the untrustworthy news become achallenge to whole world and has effected many problems such as conflict, disserving oneparty, and public deception, every people should taking action together with increasing theirown self-aware of news, reporting the dubious news to government, and also improving thesystems and regulations by the government. This is an urgent issue and if it is not beingtackled quickly, the problems will be bigger.


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