The easily accessed it through the Nile

The ancient river civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt were a significant aspect of our world’s development. The geographical features of the regions heavily affected how they lived.

Both Mesopotamia and Egypt used their rivers for trade and resources. The ancient Mesopotamia religion and society had to adapt to harsh, warring conditions whereas ancient Egyptians believed in order and self-sufficiency.On both the Mesopotamian and Egyptian river’s trade was major. They were unable to rely on land trade because transport by land was difficult.

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The Mesopotamians had widespread trade connections throughout the Middle East. Since the Tigris and Euphrates rivers were apart of a wide variety of regions, merchants were able to barter and sell their products at different canals and ports. The ancient Egyptians had an infatuation with Nubian Gold.

They easily accessed it through the Nile River, which emptied into the Egyptian delta. The civilizations’ geography impacted what resources they could access and what food they could cultivate. Irrigation was a significant advancement in which farmers were able to grow certain crops and produce valuable goods.

Both Mesopotamia and Egypt relied heavily on their rivers to be able to receive important resources. Without the rivers, they couldn’t have resources like clay and reeds. They were able to grow some things but not a lot because they didn’t have a lot of rainfall. Barley was an important grain that ancient Mesopotamia grew because it could withstand the harsher climate.


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