Essay he needed to be responsibleAnd take

Essay title: The American Savior

GRAHAMThis story takes place in America at about 222B.C. It is about two friends who are torn apart by a young, and beautiful girl whose name is Kigan.Samuel, but was also known as Sam because all of his friends called him Samfor short.

Sam was born in Thorton to Solomon and his wife but No one knows her name because Solomon was said to beWith more than one woman at a time. Samuel grew up with Miracle, now you might wonderWhere Miracle got such a name, Miracle got his nameBecause he was born dead not a heart beat orBreath in him, as preparations where made forHis the miracle happened out of no where.Very slowly Miracle came to life likeThe sun breaking the darkness of nightIn the eastern sky at the break of dawn.His mother, Angel, and his father, KnightWhere astounded for they had witnessed A miracle, so naturally that’s how Miracle Got his name. Sam and Miracle first met in The city of Crump. Both of the young boys Were in the city buying goods because atThis time once a boy turned ten he was considered A man and he needed to be responsibleAnd take care of things that needed to be done.Both boys were kept sheltered from the world by Their parents till now, so seeing the city for the first time Was a shocking experience for both, especially by Themselves. They met at a small deli in the city.

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They talked and decided that they should meet Again sometime and maybe play some gamesTogether. The two boys met every other day in The city where they played together. They grew to Be best friends. Whenever you saw one of them you saw the other. They were inseparable, they went together like the land and the sea.

One day Miracle brought his friend Kigan with him to the city and right away Sam fell in love with her and he treated her as if she were a diamond that had never been touched by human hands. He treated her so precious. The day came when a big festivalWas going to be held in the city and Sam asked Kigan if she would join him. Kigan told Sam that she would love to join him but had no interest in him and that she was in love with Miracle.

After hearing this, Sam was outraged and rantill his feet could carry him no more. He ran to the evil city of Shadow where his father Solomon and his stepmother, Ata lived. When he got there he was greeted by Quix, not his father, likeHe had expected. Sam asked Quix where his father was And Quix told him that his father had gone to kill Angel, the mother of Miracle. At first Sam felt bad until he remembered that Miracle was in love with the same woman as he was.

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