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The aim of the experiment is to calculate the amount of sulfate using the gravimetric method from barium sulfate. Barium sulfate is formed from the reaction between sodium sulfate and barium chloride, and it insoluble in water and gives a white precipitate in the solution. In the experiment, I will first have to obtain the solid sample of barium sulfate through the method of precipitation, where I will make use of chemical reagents such as hydrochloric acid and barium chloride solution to conduct the experiment. Firstly, 25 ml of the sulfate (sodium sulfate) solution will be pipetted into a 250 ml beaker and then adding concentrated hydrochloric acid to the solution. Then, I will slowly add dilute solution of barium chloride to the sulfate-containing hydrochloric acid solution to form barium sulfate, where it is obtained through filtration using a vacuum pump and the weighing and drying of barium sulfate precipitate using machines such as the oven and desiccator. The percentage of sulfate is then calculated from the mass of barium sulfate. It is a effic


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