Title:Adventures She noticed that his hair was

Title:Adventures of Tom SawyerAuthor:Mark TwainSummary:This story is about a boy named Tom Sawyer. He made a lot of pranks on people.

Once he had to go to the church. But before going, he had to take a bath. So his Aunt Polly put him in a bathtub with water. He hated to take baths, so he didn’t take them. He threw the water away, telling his aunt that he had already taken a bath. She noticed that his hair was still dry, so she made another bath for him full of water and soap. She told him to take another bath and he did.

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Tom didn’t always go to school and played a lot with his friend Huckleberry Finn. The kids from town weren’t allowed to play with him, because he was a bad mannered boy. Then a new girl came to school: Becky Thatcher. Tom fell in love with her, but she ignored him. And he often went to the place where she lived. One day Tom went to the forest where he found Huckleberry Finn, who lived in the forest without his parents. Huckleberry had warts, so they decided to do something about it. They agreed to go to the graveyard in the middle of the night to cure Huckleberry from his warts.

When they arrived there, they were very scared and saw three men. Later they recognized them as Injun Joe, Muff Potter and Dr. Robinson. They were robbing the grave of a man who died a few days ago. The two boys were hidden behind some bushes, and could see and hear everything that was happening. All of a sudden the three men got into a fight and then Injun Joe killed Dr.

Robinson. Muff Potter was unconscious at that time, because he was knocked down. When Potter regained consciousness, Injun Joe told Potter that he killed Dr. Robinson. Potter was nervous from the time they got there, and he believed Injun Joe. Injun Joe told him that the best he can do right now, is to run away, and hide; and when he met someone, he should act normal. Then Injun Joe left the graveyard, too.

Tom and Huckleberry saw it all, and were witnesses. But they were too scared that Injun Joe would come back for revenge if they told the people in the town what happened. The whole town went to the graveyard the next day, because Dr. Robinson was found dead there. Tom and Huckleberry went too.

When they arrived there they also saw Muff Potter. A man who lived near the graveyard told them that it was Potter, who did it. His dog barked that night and when the man looked to see what it was, he recognized Potter.

Tom did not want to go to school, because he was scared of Injun Joe. Tom’s brother Sidney told him he had been talking in his sleep. Tom pretended that he was sick, but it didn’t work. At first he told Sidney that he should call Aunt Polly, because he was about to die.

That really scared Sidney and it made him run to Aunt Polly. She wasn’t as scared as Sidney was, because she knew that Tom wasn’t serious about it. Tom tried to convince her. Aunt Polly wasn’t convinced. She asked him what the matter was.

He said that his toe hurt so much that it would kill him. Now it was very obvious that Tom was too imaginative again, and therefore he had to go to school, just like all the other kids. A few weeks later he really got ill. They even feared that he was going to die. Tom was not at all representative, there was absolutely no power left in him.

Then he got new medicine. Aunt Polly was convinced that it would work. The medicine was called: Painkiller. It burns away all the bad stuff inside of you. Tom hated it; it tasted awful. Only tasting it would make a person feel sick.

But Tom recovered a bit. He even had the strength to tease someone or at least something. His aunt’s cat wanted to taste a Painkiller, but Tom said he could not, because he is not ill, and besides, it tasted so bad… Tom would not want him to get sick, too.

Still, the cat was trying to get a Painkiller. Again Tom explained why he should not. And Aunt Polly told Tom to leave the cat alone.

After Tom’s second speech towards the cat, the cat had not changed his mind. Well, said Tom, it is your decision. I warned you, but you will not listen to me, so the consequences are yours. After telling the cat all this, he gave it a Painkiller. The cat ate it, but after a while he started running through the room, behaving like a mad animal. Tom lied on the ground roaring with laughter. Then Aunt Polly entered the room. She saw the cat running through the room, acting like a nut.

Tom told her that he warned the cat, but Aunt Polly told him that the cat couldn’t understand him. Tom should have been wiser. Tom felt a bit sorry for the cat, but found it funny, too. The Holidays came, and Becky went on vacation with her mother. Tom was bored. He had to do some work)paint a fence white) for Aunt Polly, and he was only allowed to play when he was ready.

Tom said he.

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