Essay then one must play by society’s

Essay title: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – Truth and Tom Sawyer

“The road to truth is long, and lined the whole way with annoying bastards.” Alexander Jablokov The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, has many themes; one theme is the importance of truth in society.A Society is inevitable. It will always be there as a pleasure and a burden.

Society expects, or perhaps demands, certain behavior from the individual.If one wishes to enjoy the pleasures of society then one must play by society’s rules. Tom Sawyer, THE MAIN CHARACTER, is an imaginative young man who sometimes allows his imagination and high-spirit TO get in the way of telling the truth.

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Tom is very adventurous; he never passes up a chance to play pirates, robbers, or soldiers. We are introduced to Tom, when he is climbing in his window after a long night of cavorting with his friends. Soon after this, Tom meets Huckleberry Fin. Huck is a social outcast who likes to live by his own terms.

Tom and Huck become good friends.One night the two boys go to the graveyard AND while they are there they witness the murder of the town doctor, Mr. Robinson. The boys watched as Injun Joe kills the doctor and frames a drunk by the name of Muff Potter, who happens to be IN the wrong place at the wrong time. The boys swear never to speak of THE MURDER again.

Later, Tom falls in love with his new neighbor, Becky Thatcher. Eventually the two become engaged, but the engagement falls through when Tom accidentally mentions his former love while talking with Becky. The two feud and do not speak. <THIS TRANSITIN IS NOT VERY SOOTH. > Meanwhile, the whole town is gossiping of the murder of Dr. Robinson and the prosecution of Muff Potter. A trail quickly forms and Muff is put on the stand.

Tom cannot allow the innocent Muff TO go to jail.As the trial comes to a close, Tom testifies and indicates the guilt of Injun Joe.When the trial ends, the manhunt for Injun Joe begins AND Tom is treated like a hero.

Tom feels guilty knowing he broke a sacred oath with Huck. Becky and Tom soon become friends again after Tom takes Becky’s punishment at school for being careless with the teacher’s things. Becky finds Tom to be very noble. Summer is coming near. Injun Joe is still at large and Tom and Huck are searching for treasure. While searching near an old ghost house, one night, the two boys over hear Injun Joe talking about some loot that he hid AND THE boys are determined to find it.

As an end of the year celebration, Tom’s whole class goes on a picnic and a cave exploration near the wood outside of town. While in the caves Tom.

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