“The or if he sneaks out after dark.

“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain This book is one of the best books I have ever read and I would recommend this book to others. It is funny in the beginning because Tom is always getting in trouble and causing mischief. For example Aunt Polly is looking for him at the beginning of ths story when he steals her jam.

Also it is interesting that his brother Sid always tells on him because I wouldn’t tell on my brother if he skip school or if he sneaks out after dark. The ending is good because Tom and Huckleberry Finn is rich, Tom sawyer grew up from his childish ways and Injun Joe is dead. In the beginning of the story tom is getting in trouble with aunt Polly and he runs away. Then he meets a girl that at that moment he knew he loved her.

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Later he finds out her named Becky Thatcher. He tricks kids that it is fun to paint a fence white and kids give him items to have them wash is fence which was his chore. He trades the thing he got from the kids for tickets that kids get in his catholic school.

He got enough tickets by trade that he gets a bible and tries to impress Becky with it. He was going to get engage with Becky before he said that he was engage with Amy. Later on he was with Huckleberry Finn in the graveyard when he sees Injun stab Doctor Robinson and has muff Potter get blamed for the murder. Tom and Huck swore they wouldn’t tell anyone but Tom tells that he was in the graveyard and saw Injun Joe stab doctor Robinson in court. Injun joe escapes before someone arrested him. Another night Tom and Huck go hunt for treasure and the first day they found nothing but the second night they found Injun joe and another man come in and wants to hide six hundred dollars and they also find a box of treasure and they leave to bury it else where. They want to find the treasure Huck follow them until one day they find Injun Joe near Widow Douglas’ house planing to kill her.

Huck tells the Jones about the plan to kill widow Douglas and the Jones saved her, but once again Injun joe escapes and hides again. Tom and Becky leave the picnic to go into the cave but the got lost. Almost staving to death tom.

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