The Advantage Of Working In Private Sector essay

The advantage of working in private sector in term of salaries Higher payment salaries (1 ) Employment opportunities . There are a lot of freshly graduates that are being produce every year.

With all the unemployed people plus with the freshly graduates , the competition of acquired the getting harder . (2) Overtime . Working in private sector, there are a lot of overtime compare to government sector.

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This private company such as an example will offer their worker overtime to increase their production or services and this will lead to extra cash income for the worker.The amount Of extra hour offer usually between two till 5 hour will at least 1. 5 time or higher that the amount of normal working hours. Higher the executive level, will be no overtime paid when extra hour but the incentive or token will be included as a bonus at the end of the year. (3) Remuneration . In the private sector , their salaries are pay according to amount of hour work or the amount of production or services they can do with in one day -with a skilled worker , surely they are get their jobs done faster that a newly employed workers.

) Requirement. The requirement to work at the private sector the private sector are usually higher . (5) Economic environment. Economic environment plays a role in setting the salaries in the private sector, with an expanding economic growth of a country the private sector of the company will afford to offer more benefit and opportunities .

(6) Risk . In the private sector the risk are always there.

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