The again analyze your activities, try to understand

The HealthBenefits of CreativityCreativetalents are inherent in every person.

 Actually, this is life force. Creativityis the desire and ability to manifest one’s personality in the space where welive. Realization of creative potential, the manifestation of one’scapabilities always helps to strengthen and multiply the vital forces of theindividual.

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 Only by realizing their creative intentions, aperson is able to acquire a harmonious mental state. In other words, theperson must always come up with new and increasingly interesting tasks, andthen seek their solutions. If this is not the case, the personality beginsto degrade.When weare creative about our life, strive to develop our needs, we have a much betterchance of remaining physically healthy people. Diseases are acquired inmonotonous and dull life.Let’s say you are not satisfied with the work, you have acomplete stagnation in business. But your thought works with a special strain,because this state does not suit you.

You again and again analyze youractivities, try to understand and feel what you want in the future from yourwork. This is the creative perception of life – the eternal search for harmonyand a new progress towards perfection You canactivate your creative abilities in various ways. In any case, one thingis quite obvious: man’s vital forces and his creative activity are directlydependent on each other. There are forces – there is creativity. Creativityis stimulated – the vital forces of the body grow, physical and mental healthis strengthened, a normal, harmonious perception of the world and of itself inthis world appears. Energy and harmonious creativity are necessaryfor a person to be healthy and happy, able to solve any problems and build lifeat will.

Sometimes you notice that you have a premonitionof some events. Sometimes you suddenly find the right decision, it comesas an insight. It happens, as a miracle comes true, what you only secretlydreamed of, afraid to think about it seriously. And yet there is nomiracle. There is only a harmonious energy of your being, directed in theright direction.

Theability to concentrate in the essence of an object and understand everythingthat you need; the ability to guess, that is, to intuitively receive theinformation you need; the ability to feel objects, phenomena,circumstances and other people – these are the manifestations of creativeactivity. Work onyourself is a mental self-programming. Its advantage is that it makes aman a truly free creator of his own personality. To be in good health you need adhere to the regime, getregular physical activity, and eat (properly) balanced. And, of course, aperson should set a goal – to improve one’s own health.


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