The internet of things issues in their parts.

The Internet of Things (IoT) isa rising part of information system areas.

Gartner who work for Deloitte andMckinsey said that the Internet of Things (IoT) has an opportunity to earn multi-trilliondollar in the future. Also, the Internet of Things have a positive effect onbusiness industries. A lot of people are expecting that IoT will be a big rolein the next industrial revolution such as businesses, governments, andconsumers.  The Internet of things can beused different types of industries for better life such as utilities, smartbuildings, industrial automation, transport & logistics and so on. Also, IoTcan be divided into two big categories. First thing is industrial IoT whichmostly involved in a lot of companies.

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Another thing is consumer IoT which involveda very small handful devices such as: smart phone, remote control andTelevision. In addition, we can divided into two different spectrums such aslicensed spectrum and unlicensed spectrum. People can tell the differencebetween these two spectrums by comparing technologies use and commercialstrategies. For instance, Sigfox and Lora are main sources unlicensed spectrumand LTE Cat-M1 and ECGSM are main sources in licensed spectrum.

Following an introduction, allpanel discussed different issues of the Internet of things. Each panelistshared their personal opinions of the internet of things issues in their parts.Dr. Shim shared his own views about IoT devices and connection efficiency.

He saidthat IoT gateways, devices (i.e.,sensors) and communication services are integralpart of the IoT requirement, but these are able to be key enablers. He mentionedthat using valuable spectrums in efficient manger is important as the networkoperator.

Also, if device is not well-made, it may have a big problem in anunavailable server. In addition, he provided other useful information about IoTdevices. It has worked well on wireless networks and less signal congestion.   


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