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Essay title: The 8th Habit – from Effectiveness to Greatness

“The 8th Habit- From Effectiveness to Greatness”By Stephen CoveyChapter 8“The Voice of Trustworthiness”Presented to: Janelle ChristieDate: October 20, 2006Subject: Project ManagementSubmitted by: Sarahand Steve Table of ContentsIntroduction: 1Personal Trustworthiness 1Modeling is Living the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 2Principles Embodies in The 7 Habits 3The Modeling Tool- The Personal Planning System 4Conclusion 5References 6Lesson Plan 7Appendices 8“The Voice of Trustworthiness”Chapter 8Introduction:In chapter 8, “The Voice of Trustworthiness” in Stephen Covey’s book “The 8th Habit, From Effectiveness to Greatness” the importance of trustworthiness and how our society is quick recognize the need for “trustworthiness, for character, for producing trust in the culture”.

To be a model leader or effective leader you cannot get by without trustworthy and having the people around you trust in you. In chapter 8 we explain how to go about becoming trustworthy and the things you need to become a model leader with Personal Trustworthiness, Modeling is Living the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Principles Embodies in The 7 Habits and The Modeling Tool- The Personal Planning System. “Trustworthiness is the ‘Glue’ of organizations”.Personal TrustworthinessOnly with a strong character and competence will you develop trustworthiness. It is with these assets that others will view you as a person that they can trust and thus you will be viewed as a good, if not a great leader.The majority of the population these days, when surveyed will show that they value integrity as number one when looking for a good leader. Throughout the years these outlooks on this mater has changed and evolved as different technologies and social statues have also changed.“More and more people are seeing the need to look deeply into their own souls, to sense how they, themselves, contribute to the problems, and to figure out exactly what they can do to contribute to the solution and serve human needs.

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” ( are three main areas of personal character: Integrity Living by Morals that govern consequences of our behavior.Maturity Dealing with delicate issues with compassionAbundance Mentality Rather than a competition you see life as an ever enlarging opportunity of resources and wealthThere are three main areas of CompetenceTechnical Skill and knowledge to accomplish a taskConceptual Being able to see the big pictureInterdependency Aware of the reality that all life is connected“90% of all leadership failures are character failures” (covey pg147). This is an important fact because it shows that most leaders understand and are able to do the tasks involved but are unable to uphold the three major character traits. Integrity is when you obey the principles natural laws that you personally have decided upon. This involves things like lying and cheating.

Maturity deals with the ability to compassionately understand situations and act appropriately with integrity. The abundance mentality revolves around thinking about the best possible outcome for all parties. It is about feeling good for those who succeed and not being jealous. It is only with a combination of these skills that one will become truly trustworthy and will be trusted as a leader in their organization.

Modeling is Living the 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleAll 7 Habits are essentially a leader or organization “becoming a balanced, integrated, powerful person(s).

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