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The 5 People You Meet In Heaven Reading books can sometimes be a chore and very boring when you have the wrong person writing the book because sometimes they tend to confuse you more than make you understand what it going on.

Mitch Albom is an excellent storyteller though and he paints a very vivid and descriptive picture of what is going on and how things are being perceived from the character’s point of view. To be an excellent storyteller you must be able to (1) paint a picture in your reader’s mind, (2) make the story clear to your audience, and (3) make connections to why things happened the way they did and Mitch does this very well.(1)The thing that Mitch Albom executes the most effectively is his ability to paint a clear picture of what is occurring in the story as it progresses. It’s not the level of diction he uses or the length of his story that gets this point across, but his ability to find the correct adjectives to describe each and every person and his tone that helps you decipher when things are going good and when things are going rough.

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This paints a very vivid mental image that sticks with your throughout the book and makes you feel as if you are right there watching everything as the plot unfolds and as a result really engulfs you in the story and keeps you hooked from beginning to end.(2) Another reason for his ability to keep you interested from beginning to end is the way he tells the story itself. He makes it clear as he backtracks through the characters life and shows why certain things happened and how they effected his life and it makes sense to the reader and makes the reader understand that the events that took place weren’t just some random scene to get your attention but part of the bigger picture to help tell.

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