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 The development of a high-rise building consists of many procedures and requirements towards regulation. However, in regards to constructing a strong and resistant skyscraper such as its foundation and complexity a lot of steps are needed to accomplish this. Many people in different ranges cooperate to build a skyscraper that is strong and could withstand extreme weather. Some examples of these people are architects, engineers, and constructors.

They all cooperate to make the construction fast and easy. For example, an electrical engineer, electrical engineers generally do the electrical design about how the light and electricity is going to be distributed.                                   “Skyscrapers are urbanism in the extreme.

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” (SD) 2007 One of the steps that are crucial is regarding to the economy. The building must be affordable, that means the price tag should be in an affordable region. Everything they are going to use must be taken in a count. One of the hardest jobs is looking for affordable and resistant materials that are going to be used when building it. The less it cost the more profit the owner makes.

 There are many steps to building a skyscraper one of them is looking for a site where you are going to build it on. There are no opportunities for mistakes when you start constructing the building. The foundation must be strong and be able to support the tons of pounds you will construct on it. Also, it must resist earthquakes this means that the materials used in the foundation must not crack.

A crack in a foundation is a sign of weakness growing in the structure. “Foundations are designed to have an adequate load capacity depending on the type of subsoil supporting the foundation by a geotechnical engineer, and the footing itself may be designed structurally by a structural engineer” (Wikipedia, 2014) This is crucial when constructing a high-rise.  When starting a skyscraper, the first couple of stories needs to be strong. The reason to this is because there is going to be more construction on top of it and also has to hold the whole building stable. “Skyscrapers also have what is considered a skeleton which is the frame that distributes the weight evenly throughout the whole skyscraper” (DC, 2017).  If the frame isn’t strong enough the skyscraper would start to shake with the wind because of its high altitude.

So the frame is very important throughout the whole high-rise. The rest of the skyscraper is built the same. But in some cases the last story supports a helicopter pad in case of an emergency where immediate transport is needed or to just land a helicopter for transport.   The rest of the skyscraper has to be accessible which.

Therefore, an elevator is built in the skyscraper. The elevator transports you to whatever level you want in the skyscraper. A problem with the elevator is that in some cases it malfunctions and that is -why stairs are also built. These two things make the skyscraper more accessible and work as an emergency evacuation.  To control the climate “each of the zones has its own ventilation systems, electrical transformers, and water heaters. By adopting this solution, architects have eliminated the need for including a single gigantic chiller plant on the upper floors of the buildings, thus reducing the pump load at the grade.

” (IT) 2015 This makes it cheaper than “When it comes to a normal high rise, massive heat pumps and exchangers and a single cooling system and chiller plant on the roof can service the whole building. But when a high-rise enters the supertall category, this single system approach becomes less efficient and more expensive.” (IT) 2015.  All these things make up a strong and safe skyscraper that can withstand any temperatures and natural disasters.

From the foundation to the ventilation systems and accessibility to different levels.  The reason for why we choose our design which was the clock tower is because it looked very interesting and also how we would build and add the gears and other parts. We would save money and also make the tower a beautiful landscape.


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