John was a girl that Bryon liked more

John Teevan7/2/06That Was Then, This Is NowCharlie was a barkeeper who was friends with Mark and Bryon. Charlie was a real nice guy, but he showed his love for Bryon and Mark in different ways. He was always watching out for them. In the beginning of the story though u kind of see Charlie as a little bit of a jerk, but once u keep in reading you realize that he is a very nice and caring person. One night Bryon and Mark hustled some guys in a pool game and took there money, but they didn’t think much ofit.

After that the two people were about to beat Bryon and Mark up for what they had done but Charlie came out of nowhere to save them, but sadly Charlie had to give his life trying to protect the two boys. Mark was like a brother to Bryon. Bryon took mark in his home to live with him sense his parents had died. They were so close, but as the story goes on they become farther and farther apart until Bryon was forced to call the police on Mark for selling drugs. Mark was arrested and Bryon regretted what he had done everyday and thought of what he could have done different. Mark helped Bryon through so many tough times, but all that didn’t mean anything to them anymore, they were just memories now. Cathy was a girl that Bryon liked more then any other girl he had ever liked before and it just so happened that Cathy was M&M’s sister.

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M&M was one of Bryon’s friends they weren’t that close but they were friends. When bryon started to go out with Cathy he felt that he really needed to look after M&M now. He thought that it was like his responsibility to watch over him and make sure nothing.

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