Th? cr?at? lif?. H? go?s as far

Th? Sci?nc? fictional story titl?d Frank?nst?in includ?s a s?lf c?nt?r?d mad sci?ntist nam?d Victor Frank?nst?in. Victor b?com?s absolut?ly obs?ss?d with his pow?r to b? god and cr?at? lif?. H? go?s as far as actually cr?ating lif?.

Som? would say what h? cr?at?d is aliv? and looks som?what human-lik? but what h? cr?at?d was a monst?r. This pow?r corr?lat?s to God but th? diff?r?nc? is that god is known to b? p?rf?ct wh?n cr?ating whil? Victor is not.  Lastly, th? rol? of Victor’s Prid? forms an int?r?sting topic and discussion of Victor Frank?nst?in’s charact?r.Victor d?cid?d to mak? a cr?ation out of body parts that h? stol? from p?opl?’s grav?s. But h? didn’t r?aliz? that th? body parts h? was using w?r? from s?mi-rotting p?opl? which ?xplains why his cr?ation look?d lik? a monst?r. “Nor could I consider th? magnitude and complexity of my plan as any argument of its impracticability. It was with th?s? f??lings that I b?gan th? cr?ation of a human b?ing.

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” (Shelly 54) Victor cr?at?d a cr?atur? unpl?asing to th? ?y? which caus?d soci?ty to r?act so horribly. Wh?n Victor was much young?r, his int?r?sts mainly w?r? sci?nc? and ch?mistry. But of all of th?m was an id?a of lif? and d?ath balanc?s. Victor w?nt on to coll?g? and  b?cam? mor? obs?ss?d with th? id?a of cr?ating lif?. Inst?ad of starting out small, Victor took a hug? l?ap and tri?d to cr?at? a human. “After days and nights of incredible labor and fatigue, I succeeded in discovering th? cause of generation and life; nay, more, I b?came myself capable of bestowing animation upon lifel?ss matt?r.

” (Shelly 30) Victor s?ts up his car??r focus?d on cr?ating lif? through science. H? did not hav? any magical or sup?rnatural pow?rs so h? n??d?d his knowl?dg? of sci?nc? to guid? him. Victor’s obs?ssion and d?t?rmination b?cam? so ignorant and s?lfish that h? lost all morals and b?cam? god. “A new species would bless m? as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would ow? their being to me.” (Shelly 55) In Victor’s mind, cr?ating lif? is pr?stigious.  It would b? a hug? discov?ry. Som? p?opl? would lov? it, oth?rs would b? afraid. But Victor ignor?d th? majority of oth?rs who oppos?d his studi?s and only thought about hims?lf.

 In th? s?tting of th? story, cr?ating lif? would b? b?yond incr?dibl? but not in a good way. Victor’s prid? and s?lfishn?ss forc?d him to b?li?v? ?v?rything h? did was gr?at. Victor’s confid?nc? blind?d him of th? ?nd r?sult wh?r? h? would hav? to fac? th? cons?qu?nc?s for his actions. H? w?nt forth with his att?mpt for discov?ry and h? was succ?ssful. H? cr?at?d lif? and was ?xcit?d at first but th?n th? long?r h? watch?d his cr?ating caus? mor? harm than good h? b?com?s guilty and s??s his wrongdoings. Victor f?lt guilty for his actions and att?mpt?d to fix his t?rribl? mistak?.”I felt as if I had committed some gr?at crime, the consciousness of which haunt?d me.

I was guiltless, but I had indeed drawn down a horrible curse upon my head, as mortal is that of crime.” (Shelly 167) Aft?r littl? thought, unfortunat?ly, Victor’s mind did not chang? a whol? lot. His prid? spik?d aft?r his cr?ation demanded a companion. In Victor’s mind this was a bonus.

Th? probl?ms h? and many oth?rs had with th? monst?r would d?cr?as? if th? monst?r was happi?r. Th? only thing stopping Victor from cr?ating anoth?r cr?atur? is that h? didn’t want to cr?at? anoth?r disgusting looking human rac?. “…one of the first r?sults of those sympathi?s for which th? daemon thirsted would be children, and a race of d?vils would be propagated upon the earth.” (Shelly 170) Victor n?v?r m?ntions that his cr?ation was th? primary caus? of William’s d?ath. Sinc? Victor cr?at?d th? monst?r, Victor should b? th? on? to blam?.

Victor’s s?lfishn?ss to avoid blam? only mak?s soci?ty dislik? th? cr?atur? mor? causing th? cr?atur? to b? mor? ups?t and do mor? d?struction. Both th? s?lfishn?ss and prid? of Victor Frank?nst?in caus? probl?m aft?r probl?m throughout th? story.  Victor is ignorant wh?n cr?ating th? monst?r b?caus? h? do?sn’t think twic? b?for? action. A tragic murd?r occurs that gr?atly aff?cts lif? n?gativ?ly. Aft?rall, Victor Frank?nst?in’s att?mpts at playing th? rol? of god is flaw?d by ?xc?ssiv? hubris. Th?r?for?, Victor plays God.


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