A success of a leader depends upon

A consensus was reached on the definition of organization leadership as ‘the ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward effectiveness and success of the organization of which they member'. With respect to power, culture has an impact the actual and perceive capacity of the leader to influence others in the organization.

Specific leadership attributes and behaviors were universally endorsed contributing to effective leadership and to what extend those attributes and behaviors were linked to cultural characteristic. National culture, strategic organizational contingencies also influence organizational form, culture and practiced as well as leadership attributed and behavior. Leadership attributes and behavior are accepted and perceived as effective to the extend that they line which culturally endorsed implicit leadership and strategic organization continuance. Aspect of the integration that occurs between leadership and the followers and how this integration is influenced by the culture. Tesco is considered as the most successful retail company in the globalization.

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The success of Tesco was considered as a visionary leader who led the company into a series of organizational changes that aimed for the company to become more customer-focused and to develop the company's workforce. Tesco is revered as an excellent leader. The leader was reported to say that Tesco believes that the success of a leader depends upon maintaining a happy workforce.

According to him, there are four things that leaders must provide to his workers and followers to satisfy and motivate them. These are:• A job that is interesting to do• A chance to get on in life• To.

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