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Terrifying Tale of Infancy: A Book Review of High Risk: Children Without a ConscienceDr. Ken Magid & Carole A. McKelvey High Risk: Children Without a Conscience , by Dr. Ken Magid and Carole A.

McKelvey is a cry out for change, aiming towards the decrease of rearing psychopathic individuals in America’s future.Their goal to implement this is through awareness that is best prevention and treatment during the childhood.Answering the questions to why child molesters, to abusers, to crook entrepreneurs…to murders are who they are, explaining bonding as critical stage of development.When a psychopathic misses this period Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) is developed.They believe that this is why individuals embark on a serious of events of deception, destruction, and murder.Without prevention psychopaths are extremely difficult to treat and if missed prematurely are untreatable. The first section “America-A Breeding Ground for Psychopaths?” presents alarming stories of children unconsciously taking the lives of others for satisfaction and thrill, while the deceased are not the only victims but; parents, psychiatrists, teachers…schools.The accounts demonstrate how in almost every case the child suffering from APD creates the illusion being admirable and loving, so no one would ever expect them of any type of misconduct.

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By distinguishing kids who kill stories; past, present and future made it manageable in pinpointing a curtail times deadly children missed.This occurring sometime during the normal bonding cycle is broken or interrupted, mainly during infancy. The development of Antisocial Personality Disorder was very clear and easy to understand in this book.Explaining that APD is developed when an infant dose not become attached to his or her primary caregiver, and further lacking an environment that offers protection, supporting growth, doable expectations, an emotional mentor, stress support, lifetime relationships, and daily contact.

A non-attachment atmosphere allows a child to never feel any type of human-bond distorting the conscience. Thus, a vicious cycle of the “non-responsive” infant is formed and difficult to repair because the child can no longer feel love or guilt. The symptoms of children with APD and treatment were.

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