Part me.That part of me that yearns to

Part 10– WMC Data Journal: December 17, 2007–Just about to land in New York City.

I haven’t been this ready about anything since, well, ever. I’m about to close the deal of a lifetime.I’m ready to bring football to the city of Verkstown, TX. Yes indeed.The United National Football League!I know anyone who knew me before all of this would ever think of me being capable of pulling of such a deal as I’m about to now.Mom would be so proud right now.I miss her so dearly, but I know she’s smiling down on me.Otherwise, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today.She’s up there knowing everything that’s going on.I’m doing my best to help Tamara out the best I can.As far as true happiness goes, Quinn has been nothing but amazing.Honestly, she has been everything I’ve asked her to be and more.I don’t know why I am so scared of saying I love you to her, except it’s just hard on me.That part of me that yearns to be with Felicia is still strong.It took her cousin to give me somewhat of a wake up call.But soon enough I feel the time coming, I’m not going to be able to keep this up.On the bright side of life, Christmas and The New Year is coming up.I need to buy something for Quinn, but I don’t know what.Maybe, I’ll find something in New York.The focused entrepreneur is out.Til next time!-WMC–End Journal Entry–The words from Caron still circled around Winston’s mind, buzzing like a nagging wasp.At the moment though, he had to find a way to blot.

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