temperature approaches will have to be adapted

temperature conditions whereas
such conditions may seem impossible it
is however important to realize that
Earth has life out of a hundred billion
other planets therefore if there is a
chance even though small that life could
exist out a planet out there then it is
something worth pursuing the data in
support of the existence of life in
other worlds other than Earth is immense
and cannot go unnoticed
despite resources in time exceeding the
results the mission to find the
knowledge of life outside confines of the Earth’s atmosphere must
continue development of space telescopes
that are advanced in technology should
be a priority subsequently the right
approaches will have to be adapted in
space exploration as well the
astronomers cannot afford to look at the
possibility of life in space the same
old way consequently the effects of
finding life on other planets and the
possibility of alien beings in the
universe cannot be overemphasized
therefore, it is essential that the
search and the topic be approached with
caution given the current discoveries
and data the question whether we are
alone in the universe is clouded with a
lot of speculations nevertheless these
predictions have more significance and
give more substantial answers than ever

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