Television television channels provide educational shows and they

Television is an electronic device which enables us to connect to the outer world even while sitting at home.

Almost everyone has witnessed watching television at one point of their life and for some it’s a daily activity. The television’s visual and audio has created a platform for people to connect with the world. Therefore, Television plays a significant role during childhood. It has both direct and indirect effects during childhood and even later parts of a person’s development.

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Children have various sources from which they can benefit from in terms of knowledge, learning and social development. Television show plays a significant role during a child’s development. According to research it has been claimed that children’s TV show have a positive effect on them. Educational shows are vital towards gaining knowledge and most television channels provide educational shows and they have adverse benefits for children. Even after kids have finished their school time, they get to achieve for knowledge even during their spare time.

Mostly, TV shows that are made from children are created in a way so that children can get to enjoy and get educated at the same time. Although, that’s not always the case as TV channels provide contents that are not recommended for children but due to parental negligence, children witness elements that were not created for them. Television shows are made for many age groups and sometimes children watch them. The theme of violence is abundant in content, even in Children’s cartoon shows and other shows as well. These have negative influence in their perspective of the world during growing up.

It’s not true for every child but some children face negative effects while engaging in watching Television shows. Bangladesh is now on the verge of getting developed and digitization has significantly increased. Therefore, TV channels have increased exponentially. There are now more than 32 Bengali channels in Bangladesh and most of them have contents for children.

Since, children are a huge part of the age demography, Bengali TV channels do provide shows for them. The real question is how good are they? And how much beneficial it is for children. Many parents claim that Bengali TV shows dedicated to children is a good medium for them to benefit from and helps them nourish their social skills.

As a result of claims by many people, TV shows for children in Bangladesh have become a great debate for people.


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