Essay this increased competition and advancement of

Essay title: Telecommunication – Global Communications

“Communication refers to the process by which information is transmitted and understood between two or more people.

Communication supports work coordination, employee well-being, knowledge management, and decision making,” (McShane & Glinow, 2005, p. 31). Effective communication is faced with multiple problems in today’s highly developed society. Technology is allowing our workforce to correspond by electronic mail (email) and instant messaging (IM); therefore, face to face contact is diminishing. Furthermore, technology permits international business opportunities causing economic pressures to increase because companies nation-wide are competing within the same market(s). Telecommunication remains an important piece of the world economy and the telecommunication industry's returns has placed less than 3% of the gross world product.

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With this increased competition and advancement of technology. Telecommunications are constantly looking for ways to increase revenue, customer base, and profits. Consumers and investors are becoming increasingly interested in the competitive market by introducing new strategic products and services.

Telecommunications industries are now faced with having to compete not only with local-long distance companies but also with cable providers. Global Communications is a telecommunications company facing obstacles in sustaining its competitiveness while respecting the rights of employees and stakeholders. In order to meet business needs and demands, GC’s Management Team developed a plan to reduce operating cost approximately 40% by outsourcing several of their technical support centers to Ireland and India. The cons of this plan will leave many employees without jobs. GC biggest dilemma is attempting to overcome these objectives in order to once again become a leader in the local market while effectively satisfying the expectations of all applicable stakeholders. Situation AnalysisThe growth of technology allowed other companies to compete within the telecommunications business. As a result, GC’s revenue depreciated about 50% forcing employees to a reduction in salary and benefits. Furthermore, shareholders’ investments and profits are at risk.

Several decisions had to be made quickly in order to keep the company from going under, so executives at GC decided to compete with local phone and cable companies by partnering up with wireless and satellite companies to serve its small business and consumer customers. Furthermore, GC senior leadership team rushed to execute a plan that excluded important inputs and concerns from the Technologies Workers Union. This plan was approved the Board and news was revealed to the workforce through grapevine. Due to the executives’ lack of communication with the union, conflict between the two organizations became the focal point instead of the GC move to become competitive. View Table 1 for Issue and Opportunity Identification Examples. Table 1 is located at the end of this analysis.In this scenario there are several viewpoints that have to be taken into consideration. GC has a commitment to live up to the ethical principles: accountability, respect, and loyalty, even when confronted with personal, social risks, and economic pressures.

GC’s shareholders will be affected if a plan for improvement is not implemented. These people deserve a right to know the status of the company. Furthermore, they should be allowed to vote for future changes within the company. If all these things are done, customers will stay loyal to Global Communications. Management should learn how to increase revenue and profits without excluding other organizations from future decisions. The union should strive to keep all employees best interest at heart, and then they will build a healthy relationship with the workforce.

When the workforce is happy, one can expect better job performances. Refer to Table 2 for examples.Problem Statement GC aspires to be a single source for all of their customer’s needs by offering integrated products and service solutions to business in the community.

This goal is feasible with the plan GC has constructed. GC is planning to expand into the intercontinental market. In doing so, GC will be able to supply enhanced telecommunication services to their small business and consumer customers. GC created alliances with a satellite provider to offer video services as well as a satellite version of broadband. GC partnered with a wireless provider to allow for better connectivity and accessibility for their customers.

Even company information hosted in mainframes can be accessed remotely. In addition, the executives are looking to cut cost that will increase company profits and increase its marketability..

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