Technology likely aren’t. Without the right safeguards in

Technology is evolving at rates faster than ever before.

With all this new tech comes the growing number of opportunities for cyber criminals to exploit. . If you think you are safe, know that you likely aren’t.

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Without the right safeguards in place, it’s only a matter of time before you become a victim of cybercrime. It isn’t just the number of cyber security attacks that is increasing. The degree of these attacks is on the rise as well.

According a PwC report, these attacks are “becoming progressively destructive and target a broadening array of information and attack vectors.”There are a lot of reasons for this mainly the ” attackers are increasing by the minute” A VERY STRIKING EXAMPLE IS THAT 2015 recorded as many as 79 percent of people involved in the 2015 US State of Cybercrime Survey facing some kind of cyber-attack. Out of the reported ones, there are still many which go unnoticed, mostly by the victims, which do more bad than good. Also with the rise in time Cyber security is getting worse The crimes have gotten worse, with loss of money becoming the most common of them all.

The attacks are getting bigger, affecting multiple organizations, sometimes various governments at one time. Wanna Cry, the biggest ransomware of 2017 affected not just governments but countries at large, making it the worst the world has seen. In addition to this, the purpose of hacking has dynamically changed over the years.

The main negative element of these attacks is that The Economic Implications Of The Attacks Are Too High.. The hacking attack on the entertainment giant, Sony, has been one of the biggest and worst cyber-attacks ever seen.

The company lost millions of dollars in the same. The UK based company, Talk Talk, also lost about 50 million pounds under heavy cyber-attacks. This also resulted in a drop of 20% in their stock value, along with losing over 10000 customers in the debacle.These cyber-attacks, thus, have put some major pressure on the global economy with a total amount of $400 billion lost every year. It is indeed essential to make our computers safe and your network safer to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.One factor that none of us take into account is that Our Systems Have Become More Vulnerable .

The better the technology gets and the more we use it, the easier it is for a criminal to exploit. The migration of most organizations, from moving all of their crucial data, from dedicated servers, to third-party cloud services, has made the data more vulnerable than ever. It allows them to access all the information from a single point and thus, use it for their own benefit.

Smart phones have taken over the world and are likely to stay here , most people think that cyber security is keeping data safe from online hackers yet we don’t see that a missing cell phone is so much more easier to hack also as it has all your private data stored in it. Last but not least, this one may be the most important reason of all – people are getting extremely comfortable giving out their personal information or data online Think about how many times per week, or even per day, that you give out your credit card information online. How about bank account info? Probably quite a bit once you take the time to think about it.

Considering how much more often cyber attacks are occurring, this should be quite the alarming trend to you. Not everyone practices safe online care of their data, and cyber criminals are taking advantage of it. More data will be stored online in 2017 than ever before, and for this reason alone, cyber security will have to remain on everyone minds as they use technology.As technology continues to grow and evolve, people will have to learn how to use it in a safe and effective manner.

The growth in technology is a good thing, and that’s something most people would agree with.For the reasons above, however, it is extremely important to remember the risks and be weary of the cyber security threats that exist.


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