Technology do not yet exist (McFarland). “Technology will

Technology is at a constant change with the evolving world. The human brain is very creative and complex resulting in major changes in inventions.

Different inventions have captured the eyes of many. Inventions such as the type writer replaced by computers and hand-held devices are prime examples of how technology is rapidly becoming outdated. While there is no doubt new technology has changed over the years in a lot of positive ways a number of peoples’ have been negatively affected by these evolving norms. The introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace is quickly contributing to a lack of job security for many and the development of careers that do not yet exist (McFarland). “Technology will have a huge impact on the next generations’ way of life and even job opportunities” (McFarland). New Technology will leave most Jobs Obsolete. With a wide variety of new technology, most jobs are at risk, some of these include, cashiers, toll booth operators, trucks drivers, fast food workers and manufacturing are just a few of the jobs at risk. In 2018 amazon announced their new store opening in Seattle, WA.

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This store will give customers a new way to shop with new technology. “Customers will walk in, take whatever they need and walk out; customers will then be billed after walking out of the store” (Swift). Technology of such nature will cause a huge cut in retail, due to the decreased need in sales representatives or cashiers. According to a study by Financial Services firm Cornerstone Capital Group, 2018 about 7.

5 million retail jobs are at risk of automation in the next decade. Technology such as sun pass and E-Z pay, has caused a huge decline in toll booth operators, across sixteen states in America. The medical field has always been a great career, mainly due to the increase in diseases and high cost of medical care, but artificial intelligence is embraced to minimize human error during medical procedures (McFarland). In Hong Kong a group of engineers have started the prototype of a surgical robot. “This robot once completed will help in orthopedic surgeons in computer assisted surgeries” (YinQin). Grunting a west German company electronics company associated with Philips is widely known for producing tuners for television sets and video recorders; however, new microchip technology will see them reducing a 3rd of their workforce. This is not the first time grunting as made such huge cut in employment (Schrager). In 1979 they had a cut of 38,000 employees reduced to 24,000 according to financial times (Schrager).

“Technology is taking jobs away from man and revving a pre-industrial version of masculinity” (Schrager). Schrager believes a man place in society is no longer effective as they are taken away by technology. This study shows that not only is technology taking away jobs, but also a man self-esteem.

Otto a famous trucking company, partnered with uber and has created the first self-driving truck. The truck is said provide safer way to transport goods across highways in America. In 2018 the truck was launched, it also safely drove over 130 miles. “There are over 3.5 truck drivers in the United States, this technology will cut more than half of these employees” (Solon). Many taxi drivers will see a reduction in profits as self-driving car will be introduced by uber.

“This will see over 180,000 of cab drivers shifting career paths” (Swift). Self-driving vehicles can be very dangerous, a woman was killed in Arizona, March 2018, by a self-driving uber car (Swift). This should not be a big surprise, there are always malfunctions on various occasions. They are not humans and will not be able to act in a state of emergency.

This kind of technology has no place in society as the risk can be very costly. Uber just a few years ago, employed hundreds of Americans with their taxi services. Bringing this technology just a few years later will only replace the same people recently hired. Many teenagers look forward to their first job. A lot of them start out working in fast food restaurants.

Working in these establishments teaches kids responsibility and the importance of working. With new fast food technology in places like McDonalds, this will eliminate the chance for some teenagers to learn these basic principles of life. “It’s cheaper to buy a $35,000 robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who’s inefficient making $15 an hour bagging French fries”(Rensi). Despite all the negative impacts of technology, some individuals believe this is the new generation and humans are accustomed to change. They believe the next generation will see such changes and adapt. “Technology always has changed the nature of jobs, workers were retrained and reapplied in other positions” (Pierce). Some persons think due to these changes in technology, it will transform the workplace, not replacing jobs, but bringing growth to new jobs. This will also give new names to positions in the workplace.

“For every 10 jobs cannibalized by automation, one new job is created in software, engineering, design, maintenance, support, training or other work area” (Pierce). Though these are some interesting findings, with a high volume of people working towards the same employment field, this can lead to a lot of unemployment. This is evident today as crowded professions leads to unemployment. It forces people to work in different careers fields some of which they have no interest. Many of these jobs will then require a high level of education, which leads to another problem.

Many individuals are not financially stable to acquire a college degree of some sort. Growing up as a child, many people dream of branching off in a profession only to realize their dream job is taken over by artificial intelligence. When working towards a dream, an individual’s dedication is a lot more. On the other hand, one may not have the same dedication, because they feel forced into a certain profession due to a technological advancement in their occupational field.

In concluding, technology has opened many doors and individual eyes to many things. It has helped shaped society and made the impossible seem possible. Technology has helped advance and enhance various form of communication at a global level.

Transforming the workplace in high production rates due to excessive demands of various products and services. Dispute its positive impact to society, technology should be kept to a minimum due to its negative impact on jobs and the working world. Unemployment will raise ultimately affecting the economy.

In an annual work and educational poll, “Results shows that 13% are worried that “in the near future” their job “will become obsolete or unnecessary because of technology” (Swift). Other researches have also shown many employees are worried about the huge loss of benefits. “The most worry for us workers are benefits been cut” swift (LTD Forester). With the constant chance in the workplace, there are many hard-working individuals will see jobs go obsolete because of new technology.


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