Technology systems are trying to use several

Technology in Education Nowadays Technology is involved in every branch in our life. Our everyday tasks are completely changed due to technological movement. The types of communications can be done faster through the Internet or local networks, and emails have taken the place of cards and letters.

There are many examples of daily activities in which technology has partially changed it, and it seems to be doing so incessantly. The world of technology is swelling right before our eyes and will continuously do so for many years to come. There is a growing need to educate ourselves and others about technology so that we become familiar with it and not feel intimidated by this growing phenomenon – and the best way to do that is through our education system.There are 3 main stages in our education system: primary, secondary and post-secondary levels. Currently, the school systems are trying to use several technological tools and applications into their classrooms while maintaining the traditional classroom environment.One popular program that is being used recently is “Cable in the Classroom”, which allows the teacher to use computer programs as a helpful tool to illustrate specific topics discussed in class for easy learning.

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This concept is becoming popular and is proving to be a successful educational tool. Technology allows the student to comprehend the subject easier. It is not only beneficiary to the student, but it is also a great help to the teacher.

Using certain tools can make a class more interested and knowing that the teacher has their attention can make their job easier as well.Using Computer learning systems in education have significant advantages that are evident through accumulated experience in classes,Students work independently and individually on answering questions and thus grow with self-confidence, responsibility and a tendency to innovate it also enhances their self-esteem and makes them also provide the students with immediate feedback that increases motivation for learning and helps to detect and correct mistakes.In addition to the above, technology have helped students with both physical and mental disabilities easily attend to school and successfully get a degree by using wheelchairs, new speaking devices, like the electronic pointing device which control computer screen without the use of hands and sip and puff system. All these devices can be used in conjecture with a computer program that speaks out commands, comments or words, allowing the participant to speak and communicate with other students and teachers.

Furthermore, cochlear implants permit students who are profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing to participate in school discussions and classes. The device and the microphone the teacher wears allow the student to hear and understand speech better.


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