Technology many concerns, by parents, physicians, as

Technology has made this world a different place compared to the past. Today we are exposed to many forms of technology. Everyday technology is changing and will forever be a part of our lives. The effects of technology with children under the age of five has brought on many concerns, by parents, physicians, as well as researchers. In todays world children have no choice but to be exposed to technology whether it be by phone, computers, video games, tablets, and others. Unfortunately, with the change in technology children under the age of five can have adverse effects on social, physical and brain development.

Children might be engaging their mind on a computer, but active participation of their body is limited. Lack of playtime and increase of technology can rob children of sunshine and physical activities. Physical play is a key part of toddler/preschooler’s growth. It helps build strong muscles, coordination and imagination.

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Development of the brain triples in size between the age of 0 and 2 years old and continues a rapid growth of development to the age of 5 and beyond. Children who are exposed and use technology before the age of 5 show signs of neural pathways beginning to change due to their interaction more with technology and less with those around them. The overexposure to technology causes children to miss out on mental stimulation which decreases the child’s ability to bond. Children learn through their parent’s physical touch, voice and social interaction on how to bond with others, forming friendships and other relationships, without this, children start to depend more on technology than people for a social outlet. The American Academy of Pediatrics, , states that children under 2 should be discouraged from using technology and that preschool children should not be watching television or using digital devices for more than two hours a day.


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