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Technology is always evolving and changing peoples lives for the better. In recent years society has seen the rise of a new type of technology that has been changing the way of a lot of technology companies work. For the most part this new technology has done wonderful and amazing things, however, it has also been criticized as a scary technology. The new exciting yet scary technology is called Artificial Intelligence, or AI as some refer to it. An AI can be defined as a computer system with the capacity to complete actions that humans normally could without the assistance of a human (Marr, 1977).

Since AI as begun to be used more commercially, society has seen some pretty amazing things that it can do. It has been used in algorithms that help to customize a Netflix library, your social news feeds, self driving cars and so much more. To date it has even been used by major tech companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon to bring products such as Siri, google home and Amazons Alexa home systems. Along with this, companies like Google and Facebook have developed AI systems that have been able to hold real conversations with other people without sounding too strange. This all might sound pretty amazing, but in actual fact, we are so far off what AI could potentially do. This side of the discussion involves looking at the diffusion of innovation and how that, along with AI will change society as we know it. Diffusion of Innovation is a theory that explains the social science behind how an idea spreads through a social system (Rogers, 2003). In other words, this is the theory the explain has quickly and the psychology behind the take off of new technology.

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  In terms of how AI will affect society in general, it has already begun to. As mentioned earlier, AI has already begun to show up in your news feeds, self driving cars and even personal assistants. For the most part, these additions into society have been amazing. They have given people a more customised experience in their social media feeds showing them stories and posts that they are more interested in. This new technology has also enable the use of personal assistance such as Apple’s Siri that allows you to do all kinds of things like send a text message, make a set, set an alarm or even make a booking for dinner. This is just the begging of this new technology, as also previously mentioned, AI has been used to create chat bots that can hold conversations without to much prompting from another human.

An example of this can be seen in one Japanese restaurant where a “robot chef aims to show how far automation can go” (“Japan’s robot chefs aim to show how far automation can go”, 2018). Although the use of this robot is not strictly the use of AI, it still goes to show to potential to fully automate an industry. According to Business Insider UK, AI “is expected to kill off 5 million human jobs by 2020 but some industries are more at risk than other” (intelligence, 2018). The article then goes on to list a few industries that will be most affected by the use of AI, these including; science, security, farming, insurance and financial institutes. In another article posted recently by the Hit Radio Network in Australia, they talk about the idea that robots could soon be replacing judges in court rooms with Professor Mirko Bagaric calming, “It would make sentencing more transparent and quicker” (“Robots May Replace Judges In Courtrooms Across Australia”, 2018).

 Taking this to a more personally level, AI will ultimately play a major role in both the game design and software engineering fields, both of which I am interested in going into. Starting with the game design industry, AI has helped to revolutionise the way most developers create enemy characters across all genera’s of games. These have been most utilised in the online gaming community where developers have been wanting to create ‘training bots’ that have as close to ‘human reflexes’ as possible. This ultimately increasing the playing experience and overall skill level of all users who play that game. Moving onto the software engineering field, this is generally the area in which the AI are being developed. This is because a large amount of programming experience is required to create something that complex. However, it is eventually expected that the system the AI is running on will be able to control its further development on its own.

This will also require human interaction to maintain the system and make sure that there is no malfunctions within the AI itself. Overall, Artificial Intelligence is already starting to pave the way for the future of not only the technology industry, but the way nearly every industry will function. This is already happening through major companies using AI to help everyone and making our lives that little bit easier.


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