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In order to ensure that the division is going about this correctly, it is very important that one utilizes any tankards or strategies along with any other practices or set of rules that can help with deciding any choices that should be made. Before coming up with any conclusions, meetings must be held with management and the rest of the administration in order to go forward with decisions brought to the table.These meetings with management are intended to encourage innovation and brings new ideas to the table while simultaneously giving management the chance to study and break down any outcomes, which also offers important input that may have originated from these meetings as well. This also will assist in finding the strengths and weaknesses of the future plans while they are still being created, allowing Team Bravo to make adjustments along the way to help make the building of the new division as smooth as possible.In the modern business world, teams are more and more becoming a vital piece of multiple businesses as they start to move towards a team-oriented setting.

As businesses move towards a team-oriented setting, it allows chances for individuals with different personalities to form as one, opening the doors to more opportunities of success for Andorra Petroleum Corp.. Team Leadership and Evaluations To build a great team, everyone must be on the same page and know the organization’s goals and desires of what management is expecting in the new place of work.

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As the leader of the group, it is vital that one realizes what the needs of the team are and to obtain whatever is needed in order to get the job done. Managers need to be able to explain why employees engage in some behaviors rather than others, predict how employees will respond to various actions and decisions, and influence how employees behave (Coulter & Robbins, 2012, peg. 373). As the manager of this new division, it is their accessibility to assess every individual of the team, to incorporate myself and attempt to define or distinguish the personality type of each person.After giving the Jungian 1 6-Type Personality evaluation to every team member, the outcome for one individual was the .NET personality type, two individuals were EST P and the remaining three individuals, including myself were NEFF personality type. (Leistering of Phoenix, 2015).

Personality Types Team members Bill, Herbert and my self’s evaluation scores were NEFF. NEFF personality types recognize people like Bill, Herbert & I as friendly in light of the fact that we people-oriented. It also says that we have a creative side and are able to see the brighter side of things.Something else about individuals that are considered the NEFF personality type is that these people are motivating, expressive, social and values oriented. They rather live life accordingly to their inner values than by someone else’s. They like to be involved and would much rather include themselves with what is going On around them socially (Personality Max, 2007 – 2015). With this being said, Bill, Herbert and myself have a lot to offer with our personality type because we are able to provide liveliness to the group and create an enthusiastic environment in this new venture Team Bravo is taking on.

We each are able to support the team through emphasizing the final goal of what we are working towards (Personality Max, 2007 – 2015). The next member of Team Bravo is Danville. Daniels assessment score is .NET].

.NET personality type is generally assertive and very outspoken. Though it is stated that they generally have a low tolerance for inefficiency or disorientation, they are driven to lead and have an excellent ability to understand difficult organizational problems and create solid solutions.

This can easily be a vital addition to Team Bravo since it provides us with someone o take on that leadership role in order to keep everyone on the same page (Personality Max, 2007 – 2015). The remaining team members, Michael and Richards assessment score is EST.. EST. personality type identifies these two individuals as “doers” who are focused on immediate results. In spite of the fact that they aren’t ones to always abide by the laws or rules if it gets in the way of what they are trying to accomplish, they are very loyal to their peers.EST.

personality types are also outgoing individuals who are spontaneous and look at life more from a living here-and-now aspect. These types of individuals are needed as a part of Team Bravo to encourage the team to take those risk that are sometimes required in order to take the organization to the next step (Personality Max, 2007 – 2015). Evaluating the Situation When figuring out what things are considered critical, it doesn’t automatically imply that the new division is in a critical state.

Goals are still required to be met and as a manager one ought to examine things on a broader scale to figure out which needs are not being met. Its important not to change the expectations on what needs to be accomplished because as a manager, one must take notice around them to figure out how to set up a ensue of urgency as a positive approach to implement Andiron’s culture through positive change. Team members must come up With a vision and strategy, discuss the changes being made, and enable the workers.Management must consider how to approach Team Bravo without implementing fear to take the new department of Andorra Petroleum Corp.. Into the new market with the goal of it being successful while at the same time implementing a different style of management and work culture all together. Leadership Approaches As a manager, one should alter the style of management based on the circumstances.

One must also create a vision, show integrity, and motivate team members and workers to create a positive work environment.The manager should give a positive and influential message to inspire and guarantee that the tools needed are accessible for all employees. Training should be given to managers to help create understanding of how to better measure circumstances and become operational. Review the circumstance and include everybody when needing to lead throughout social boundaries and turn into a powerful leader.

Leadership should take after the five measurements, which include trustworthiness, consistency, openness, tenets, and steadfastness (Coulter & Robbins, 2012).Principal to Apply Principles one should decide to apply from different theories such as leadership behaviors like democratic style that includes employees when making decisions while utilizing feedback to teach the workers. One would also involve the seven leadership traits such as desire to lead, drive, honesty and integrity, intelligence, self-confidence, extroversion, and job knowledge. Combining the leadership traits and democratic style behavior can help to achieve the necessary rest Its for the launch of the new department (Coulter Robbins, 2012).

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