Team Gluco Gauge essay

Syncing monitors with smartness ; 3-5 readings a day ; 3% Estimated to sync monthly before appointments 3 Month Us ply Direct to Consumer Spend Doctor Supplemental Spend Head Count Reduction Shipped Free Product $250,0 update instruction on Levine jacking $300,0 00 on patient use instruction videos of Master strip 2 test strips sent to customer Estimate Ted $9 million opera ting profit $100,0 posters doctors offices jobs cut to avoid significant budget shortfall, 200 saved $1 million communion action campaign towards Prior to Press Conference 1.

Centralize Information ( www. Moderateness’s. Com) 2. Address Internally . Assemble Team to Evaluate Education Resources Press Conference 1. Reiterate Dedication to Customer Health 2.

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Take Responsibility, Not Blame 3. Vow to Educate Statement “Here at Motherhood Health we are dedicated to the health and safety of our customers and mindful of the impact our products have on their lives, the lives of their loved ones, and their healthcare providers.For this reason, we have striven to make the Colleague device an industry leader in accuracy and convenience with accuracy ratings that surpass FDA requirements and meet the high standards recommended by the American Diabetes Association. Along the way we have discovered more than one learning curve; the recently reported inaccuracies presented one Of these challenges.

Although there have been no reports of adverse health effects from our users or their healthcare providers, we recognized an inconsistency with our device’s strip compatibility and corrected it; making the best device even better. We also partnered with doctors from across the nation to discover the root cause of most device errors was patient user error. Since, Motherhood Health has invested millions into educating our customers on the use of their vices to ensure the accuracy our devices deliver at home are the same as at the doctor’s office.

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