Teaching loves to be a teacher. Teachers are

Teaching is a unique job. Many people loves to be a teacher. Teachers are a professional and committed to teach children in every steps until reach the end of the steps.

Every teachers has a responsibilities to bringing up each children from preschool, primary schools, secondary schools and higher educations. Teaching is a challenging job and a person who choose it need some qualities to continue this occupations. Teachers must always try to being an effective in their occupations.

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To be an effective teacher one must have a patience in handling students, to keep a strong rapport with the students and a good classroom management skills.Every teachers must have a patience in bringing up children no matter in any situations. There shoud be a good characteristics of an effective teacher so they have capabilities to change a students attitudes when the students having problems in schools or in studies. An effective teacher will handle every moments with patience although they getting upsets with the students behaviour. They must knows to be flexible to control every students. For example, some students will not being disciplined and hesitated to follow the rules. But as an effective teacher its our responsibility to be patience and give them some times and space to change. Therefore every teachers must be professionally in planning to be patience so no one will left behind because of the other irresponsible students.

So as we know a patience teacher always have their own way in handling their students very well.The other qualities to be as an effective teacher one must having a good rapport with their students. Teachers must have a strong rapport for dealing the students with smooth. A great teacher who has a good communications with their students always achieved the points of teaching.

An effective teacher have to be friendly with the students in any situations. The closeness between a teacher and a student will make them be confident to share their problems without doubts. The teacher can easily solve the students problem, for example like if the students lack in their studies or having discipline matters in schools.

So a teacher that have a good rapport with students will findout their problems by seeing their face.An effective teacher also must have a good classroom management skills to manage the students and the classroom in proper way. The teacher have to keep the classroom in peace everyday.

This will help the learning process runs without any disappointment. For example, a good environments will give a better learning situations. The classroom environment must attractive and creative so the students love to comes to school.

Hence, a teacher should know to manage the classroom in conductive for learning with good skills of teaching. In conclusion, we knows that having patience in handling any situations, keep a good and a strong rapport among students and having a good classroom rmanagement skills the qualities of an effective teachers will be shown out in each person that become a teacher in this world. Its manage to help them well being in their professionals forever in life. For that, all teachers have to be a innovative and spotting in their job.


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