Teacher: in history books. In the years

Teacher: “After Alexander’s father, king Philip, had died, he then adopted Philips plans to conquer persia. He travelled across the Hellespont in order to gain glory and be able to write his name in history books. In the years that followed this decision, Alexander the Great proved his tactical brilliance in battle and as a result, conquered the largest empire of his age.

What do you all think about that?”Student 1: “I think it shows that he’s a good and brave leader that….”Student 2: Interrupting “Yeah..

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but like, how did he manage to lead the Persians as well as the Macedonians? They probably had completely different cultures and beliefs on stuff”Teacher: To student 1 “Yes, I agree with you there” and to student 2 “I’m actually really glad you asked that because it’s directly related to what we will be talking about today”Teacher: “With Persians, Macedonians, and Greeks under his rule, Alexander devised a policy that would ensure the smooth running of his newly expanded empire. Scholars later called it the policy of fusion”Student 1: “What do they mean by fusion?”Teacher: “I had a feeling someone was gonna ask that so I wrote it up on the board this morning. Can someone read it out?”Student 1: “Fusion is the process or result of joining two or more things together to form entity”Teacher: “Thank you, so, in the case of Alexander the great, it refers to his fusing of the Persians, Macedonians and Greeks


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