Task the customer perception of the brand.

Task 3


Two alternate methods of Brand Building

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Brand Onion
The brand onion is a brand building model broken down
into 4 key integral layers of: Vision, Values, Personality and Positioning. The
layers of vision and values are internal, whereas personality and positioning
are external referring to the customer perception of the brand. (Gray, 2015)

At the core of the onion is the vision
of the brand; it’s purpose for existing, what it does and where it aligns
itself to be. The brand vision can resonate emotionally with stakeholders if
the message is meaningful and addresses their needs. Skanwear’s vision is to
ensure ‘people get home safe every single night’ this emotional brand message
adds values internally as internal stakeholders become brand ambassadors of the
brand as they want to be on board with a cause which helps people. A clear
brand vision which is easily understand allows internal stakeholders to
understand the journey Skanwear is going and increases the likelihood of
engaging better with the brand and promoting the message in a positive light.

The values of a brand provide a
consistent and seamless way of working and interacting with stakeholders
utilizing the organisations brand values being: Safe, Care, Knowledge and
Innovative. This means internally all staff should be promoting a safe work
environment and following procedures to ensure the safety of themselves and
others. Care to be interested in the well being of one another and the
organisations direction, to understand the nature of the Arc Flash and the
sensitivity that comes along with it. Providing a caring tone when speaking to
one another and to external stakeholders. To be knowledgeable about the customers
needs and of each other needs, the will and opportunity to learn about Arc
Flash and develop knowledge within the across the departments. To be innovative
in finding new ways of working efficiently and exceeding expectations. The
values provide a benchmark for internal stakeholders to live by. Having values
in place also make it easier for customers to identify and provide reason to
engage with the brand.

The organisation can clearly see that the brand personality is formal and mature therefore knows how to align the
brand message when communicating and understands the audience they are trying
to attract supporting McKraken statement that ‘… consumers might search for
brands with a personality that compliments their self concept’. (McKraken,
1986) The personality of the brand adds credibility to Skanwear as it provides
meaning for consumers to interact with it. In communications if desired
customer perception isn’t received the organisation can see which layer needs
to be reconsidered to ensure they are addressing the targeted audience. The positioning layer will evaluate the
customer’s perception of where Skanwear sits against Arco and Program. The
positioning would factor the brands attributes, motivations and brand


A disadvantage of the brand onion is that stakeholders
vision within the organisation could be aligned differently e.g. the CEO will be
to align with maximum profit/sales whereas a customer service executive may
align it with satisfaction of the customer. The misalignment from the core of
the onion could provide uncertainty internally between stakeholders as they are
unsure what vision is most important and who’s vision they should follow. Another
example could be that if an internal stakeholder isn’t aligned with the brand values
then the outer layers of the onion will be affected if in contact with any
external which leads to a confusion in the brand message. Regarding Skanwear
internally the brand onion could develop more segments to define the brand
further, segments could include: brand
promise, culture and characteristics (extrinsic and intrinsic attributes)
(Fill, 2016) which are all key to brand building and what consumers also buy

Building Process Model
Kotler & Armstrong Brand Building Model similar to
the Brand onion and how it shows the brand fold out from the centre. This model
goes deeper into the brand and shows elements such as the physique of the brand
and the additional benefits the brand offers to customers.

The first layer is the basic
brand which refers to the physical parts of the brand stakeholders receive
when they purchase an Arc product, such as buying into the brand, features on
the products, bespoke packaging. For the organisation the products within the
industry are quite similar as they have requirements that need to be followed
therefore numerous models would seem unnecessary.

In the augmented layer the
organisation to see specifically which elements of the augmented layer help
build the brand image. As products within the Arc Flash Industry are similar it
is the augmented layer for where the organisation can differentiate from the
competitors to add value and build on the brand proposition.

A disadvantage of this model is that it is purely internal and doesn’t take
into consideration the overall outlook that an external stakeholder may have.
The model allows for defining the brand of Skanwear covering all bases from
product to its delivery and maintenance however there is no mention of the
brands position and brand values.   The model doesn’t also take into consideration
the worker of Skanwear also which provide the services such as Arc Training and
those who contact customers on how to get maximum use of the garments. Fill
suggests that ‘Buyers often use the extrinsic attributes to help them
distinguish one brand from another’ (Fill, 2016 p.293) in Skanwear’s case it is
not the product itself which is important it is the value and meaning of why
the organisation does what it does.


Marketing Communications Plan

Using Marketing Communications Plan Framework (Fill,
2013) Skanwear has aligned its
marketing communication objectives to match the business objectives with the
aim of building the brand.


The primary needs of the consumer knowing that the
products are going to keep them safe however they purchase for the benefits
that allow them to go home safe to their families. Their current perception of
the brand is that organisation is a mature, authority figure that cares on the customer
safety. Skanwear’s service of Safeline is most beneficial to the customer as it
answers their needs of knowing what garments they require for their situation,
the ability and being able to order any day at any time.

Account Managers generate most revenue through larger organisations mentioned
in the company overview. The website has just been rebranded and was previously
neglected therefore it gets little attention – although it is the main source
for the organisation information and the organisation would like to start
generating more sales through it. Social media channel LinkedIn is where the
target audience engage the most online with the organisation. It is has been
mentioned that women in the Energy and Utility section are much less catered to
in terms of garments. (HR News, 2017) Skanwear has many garments built
specifically for feminine figures that can be promoted.



Marketing Communication Objectives:

Increase web traffic from 3000 p/m to 6000p/m by
December 2018   

Increase brand awareness to specifically women in the Energy
and Utility sector by 20% by December 2018.

Increase LinkedIn followers from 1708 to 2400 by
December 2018


Increase the hit rate onto Skanwear’s website and for
it to be used as a credible source of knowledge when customers require
information about Arc Flash how to prevent it. To increase brand awareness to
women in the Energy and Utility sector through both on and offline Marcomm
tools so they are aware of the services and products Skanwear can offer. Lastly
to increase the amount of organic followers on LinkedIn to develop our brand
image and reputation on social media channels which our target audience are.





Skanwear will use a pull strategy, as the objectives
are all customer segments that the organisation is aiming to increase the level
of brand awareness and initiate action.


To increase web traffic Skanwear would be targeting
both male and females who work dominantly in the Energy and Utility sector. The
strategy for Skanwear would need to broadcast the release of new products
highlighting the benefits which would entice the audience in.


Addressing the objective of increasing brand awareness
to women the DRIP Model (Fill, 2002)
can be utilised to position itself differently from the competitors. The target
audience will be women who have a need for Arc Flash and Flame-Resistant PPE
however have been wearing men’s garments, as there has been an inadequate
selection. The main differentiation
from Skanwear and its competitors is that the women’s garments have been
created from scratch by the Product Development team and not modified a men’s
patter to make it unisex another differentiator is Safeline which creates an
easier experience for customers to purchase and repurchase garments without
having to wait and long-time period. To reinforce
the brand message the organisation provides for large-scale organisations
globally who see Skanwear as a high contender in the Arc Flash Industry. Skanwear
would also reassure women prior to
purchase that we do also cater for their needs. To inform women that their garments are ergonomically design, that
features have been added to specifically fit to figure. The persuade part of the model would for
people to request a trial or visit the website to see the collections.


To increase the LinkedIn following Skanwear will be
looking to create awareness of the brand to those who potentially may never
engaged previously. To advertise the brand to external stakeholders Skanwear
will want to post regularly on updated products and services, industry new,
white paper, video, testimonials and changes in legislation. These examples
would be utilised with the end goal of adding credibility to the brand and
become the figure of authority in regards to Arc and Flame. Skanwear must
consider the needs of the existing audience it has and ensure the information
is not repeated.

Communications Mix

PPC / SEO – Pay Per Click (PPC) is a way which Skanwear could
increase traffic back to the website, however this can become an expensive alternative
if the campaign isn’t successful. The benefit of PPC is that it can reach a
wide audience and can be targeted to whatever the organisation desires.


For PPC to be successful it
would require the Marketing Department to be trained allowing them to edit and
optimise the campaign to ensure the desired results. As the department is small
it would require either outsourcing to an external agency which would be able
to monitor and track or training the graphic designer to understand PPC which
would be the cheaper alternative. The designer would be a better choice as they
would already understand the brand message and vision to put forward online. If
successful the organic visitors will go to the website affecting the SEO
ranking Skanwear higher on Google exposing them to a wider audience addressing
the objective to increase web traffic from 3000 p/m to 6000p/m by December 2018.
Another campaign Skanwear could launch would be promoting the ladies wear
collection we have to offer as the title, and a description detailing the added
features specifically made for women which could raise brand awareness to

Social Media – Specifically LinkedIn for Skanwear 


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