Task B Your work role essay

My personal details; name, address, cantonal insurance number and rate. My monthly net pay, my completed hours, my additional hours and also my contracted hours. Bio – Name changes Change or address Absence due to sickness Any changes to bank details Changes to ARQ guests for holidays Bib – If I wanted to raise a grievance at work, whether is it staff or service users, would speak to my manager.

If nothing were to be done, would take the grievance higher so the Director of Care or the CEO of the company. I would complete appropriate paperwork and record outcome of the investigation.Be – 1: Data protection – Not leaving meds or paperwork lying around. 2: Vii 3: Conflict management: In any position, the best thing to do is remain calm and document everything. 4: Anti-discriminating practice: Pretty self explanatory. If you’re being discriminated in any way, then you take it to the manager or boss. 5: Health & Safety – Read your Health & Safety folders and carry out actions in a safe manor.

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6: Confidentiality ? Anything involving work should stay at work, You should keep all work related information to yourself. Weightlessness ? If somebody isn’t being treated right or if someone isn’t doing their job properly, then it is your duty to report that individual to either the manager or the boss. Vii – My job role is to safeguard service users; make sure they re happy and healthy. To provide a quality service and to carry out my job to the best of my ability. Make sure I’m working in line with ICQ standards. I contribute my other skills to the service users and try to educate them in other aspects of life.Whether it’s learning to ride a bike or to Lana vegetables.

Vii – a) If am working the best to my ability and other members of staff see that, could influence them to work even harder. B) If I am slacking at work and not doing an overall good job, then other staff may feel they can behave in a similar manner. Viii – Its important for me to maintain my skills and to keep u to date with my CAP. Also to keep up to date with changes in legislation and local policies. It’s important to be a team player and to gain feedback from other staff members.My job is influenced by the care quality commission and the disclosure and barring service. Follow these and use them in my job.

Big Care quality commission Disclosure and barring service The care quality commission is the independent regulator of Health and social care in England. The disclosure and barring service helps employers make a safe recruitment decision and to prevent unsuitable people from worker with vulnerable groups, including children. It replaces the criminal records bureau and independent safeguarding authority.

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