Task: sure everyone is reliable and available for

Task: What is the role of the event organiser? Explain what each part of the role involves:Organising e.g. venue, location, cateringWhen organising an event, the organiser will have to have the permission before organising the event. Organiser will have to ask for the permission from the seniors, or an in-charge of a location before setting up an event. Organiser will have to follow the health & safety procedure, and rules & regulation. Venue will set the scene for the type of event that is going to happen.

The type of catering may influence where organiser decide to hold an event. From the apprentice, I have noticed that both team has specific location which is on the tower bridge. Both team had to manage the catering and venue for the event. Planning and reserving facilitiesDifferent elements of an event will require you to think about the timings of the event, what you need to order and when.

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The event organiser will need to have a plan for the event, this means they will need to know what exactly is happening during the event, who is going to be doing what and of course making sure that everything is organised correctly. However, when planning the event organiser will need to plan the way things are going to be done for instant who is going to be selling, promoting, and handling areas at the event and also making sure everyone is reliable and available for the day. Setting up programmeThis is very important because it will help to know what is happening at the event and the order in which it is happening. It guides the organisation of the event and will be used by attendees. The programme’s quality and content will help to guide people’s interest as well as give them an outline of what is going to happen during the day. The programme will also give details of any special guests, speeches, entertainment, prize-giving or free gifts that might be part of the event.

Events that take place over a few days may require arrangements for accommodation including breakfast. From the apprentice, I have found out that both competitive teams have decided things to put in the events such as drinks, dance performers for entertainment, and prizes to draw. Preparing and distributing supporting documents This requires some form of hard copy or soft copy that can be distributed. For environmental and cost reasons, soft copies are often preferred. Organisational procedures Organisations will usually have a set of procedures that they follow for events, and these procedures will change depending on the size of the organisation, the type of event that is taking place and who is involved.

Current legal requirements This is to be considered when organising an event. These include health and safety and age requirements. Most legal requirements are covered by a contractual agreement that will be agreed either verbally or in writing.

Contracts Every staff should have contract which gives them right to work. All employees have an employment contract with their employer. A contract is an agreement that sets out an employee’s:• Employment conditions• Rights• Responsibilities• DutiesThese are called the ‘terms’ of the contract. Employees and employers must stick to a contract until it ends e.g.

by an employer or employee giving notice or an employee being dismissed or until the terms are changed (usually by agreement between the employee and employer). Agreements Both parties should agree to work with each other.Consumer protection This is very important because this is where the organiser will have to take care of their consumer in an event. Should not harm/offend them. This is the important key because organiser will have to keep their consumer happy/satisfy. Limits of roleThis must consider the levels of authority that come with the role. This is to let individual know what you can and cannot do is very important.


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