Essay title: Tangerine The main character in

Essay title: Tangerine

The main character in Tangerine was Paul Fisher. Paul happened to be the dynamic character as well. Paul is represented in my book box by thick glasses and a diary.

One major plotline of the book dealt with Paul’s glasses. He had them since he was younger because he had damaged his eyes looking into a solar eclipse. The only thing that bothered Paul about it was that he couldn’t actually remember the eclipse, or anything from that time. The eclipse was the story his family told him. It all remained a mystery for Paul throughout the book. Paul must try to learn what he can from his mysterious brother, who wants nothing to do with Paul. Paul can also be also represented by a diary. When I started reading Tangerine, I realized that the book was told in the first person by Paul.

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But I started noticing the repetition of Paul writing in his computer diary, and it made sense that the book itself is what his diary would have been.In Tangerine, there was a typical family setup, which included the award winning athlete older brother. In this case it was Erik Fisher and the Erik Fisher Football Dream.

Erik is represented by a football. Paul and Erik’s father definitely favored Erik and supported him in his sports career. It often made Paul feel left out, and a result was conflict between the two brothers.

Tangerine was a captivating story which kept me in suspense until the very end. “Tangerine” was actually the name of the town near where Paul lived. To represent Paul’s transfer to Tangerine Middle School, I have a Tangerine. One strange and reoccurring event in the book dealt with the football field at Lake Windsor High School, where Erik practiced after school.

Every day at 4:00 P.M. lightening would strike the field. The coach didn’t look out for the safety of his players, and one day, one of Erik’s teammates was killed.

It happened to be Mike Costello, and his death.

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