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For Example, in Auk’s 2010 General Election the Conservative Party attacks Gordon Brown’s character, by outing and add out with his face that states “l let 80000 criminals out early, vote for me. ” This ads tone is very sarcastic and encourages voters to vote for the conservative Party and reject Browns policies on law and order (Walker 2010). The tactic of fear is successful because people do not want criminals on the streets. The problem with the justice system and prisons being “too full” which further fosters the fear in voters.For this particular ad if a parent saw this they would agree because he or she’s best interest is to make sure the household and children are protected. Public Health Advertising informs he public on health concerns in a specific community or area.

The most recent public health scare is Bola entering the United States. The Department of Defense released fliers with information on the infectious disease and asking for people with the symptoms to seek medical attention and become quarantines. It reads in capital and bold lettering that “Bola is a deadly virus.It spreads quickly, claiming the lives of many’ (Bola 2010). The tone for the aid is serious and cautious.

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The advisory educates the public and pushes the public to use preventatives to stop the spread of Bola, As well as, port any outbreak of the disease. The fear of death makes the aid effective since nobody wants to die. The fact that Bola has entered the United States, brings the problem at home; it’s more personal. People who pop up with the disease are featured on the news. These Bola patients could’ve been places one is near or have been to.Since one could catch Bola by being in the same vicinity and it hasn’t been in the United States it makes the disease feel sudden perpetuating the fear. Another health ad that has been circulating is one concerning HIVE.

The ad captures an African-American male and his rinds, but he looks as though something is on his mind. The advisory reads “You deserve answers” (HIVE 2013). The tone of the ad is concerning and empathetic. The initial emotion that it appeals to is sadness then fear. Fear is not directly used, but is put into focus by the audience.When one thinks of HIVE one thinks of AIDS too. AIDS leads a person to think about the worst possible result death, since there is no cure for the disease. Preventive measures like condoms and abstinence have been used to educate the public on contacting sexually transmitted infections.

The ad urges people Of all ages o know his or her status, for personal safety and the safety of others to prevent the spread of the virus. The usage of the second person individualizes the ad as if the advertisers are speaking directly to you.In order to appeal to the emotions fear does not have to be a dominant emotion or used at all.

A variety of emotions can be associated with commercial advertisement. Two different commercials aired on CNN, both on car insurance. The first commercial was a State Farm Commercial.

In the commercial the husband was on the phone with a State Farm receptionist (Jarred) about how much he could save if he switched to State Farm; however, e was whispering and on the phone at an inappropriate time (State Farm 2014).The wife comes downstairs and suspects the husband is on the phone with another woman (2014). The commercial was very light hearted and funny. The commercial is very memorable, because of the irony within it.

It urged drivers who had insurance to switch in order to save money and those who do not that State Farm was the cheapest option. Saving money was put at a priority because of the debt issue in America and the inflation of prices. The second commercial was an Allocate commercial.

In the commercial there ere simply sounds and visuals of a fatal car accident.Then the spokesperson came in and Says, “Are you in good hands? ” (Allocate 2014) The tone of the commercial is very defining wanting drivers to be insured, particularly with Allocate. The message is clear because it appeals to fear, but at the end it makes one feel safe if he or she has Allocate. Most people have been in a car accident or know an individual who has been in one. Afterwards, one wants to know that everything is going to be okay.

The Allocate commercial is more effective than the State Farm commercial because it appeals to the emotion of fear.Using a car accident made it more relatable and raw. Both use the concept of family, but the Allocate commercial makes a person want to take action to protect oneself and family. The ads that I mentioned above all have the same underlying purpose which is for the viewer to share the message with someone else. Both and Renee (2013) express, “if the content is familiar to the viewer, their emotional reaction to the video is the second determinant” (168). Emotion plays a significant role as to whether the message is received and shared.When advertisers use fear hey connect it with something familiar like family, sickness, a social issue, or death; something that can be experienced by anyone.

By personalizing and individualizing the message of the ad it contributes to turning the message into a societal action. Goldsmith, Choc, and Dear (2012) researched how negative emotions can result in positive effects due to a person’s surroundings; they use guilt and pleasure as an example. If an advertising company expresses a negative emotion to a viewer as a marketing technique, it can cause one to do what the company wants resulting in a positive effect.

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