Talking felt from deep within the poet heart.

Talkingabout nature  movement can’t be done withoutmentioning Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

He started the Romantic movement with thepoet William Wordsworth whom we mentioned earlier. Samuel Taylor Coleridge was bornon the 21th of October , 1772 in England. He died on the 25th July 1834 nearLondon. Beside being an English lyrical poet, he was also critic and aphilosopher. His Lyrical Ballads that he wrote together with WilliamWordsworth characterized the English Romantic movement and his BiographiaLiteraria is the most significant work of general literary criticism producedin the English Romantic period.In the poem, Coleridgecontinuous the Romantic era defining practice of worshipping Nature as anactual God.

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Again here the worshiping of nature is featured as a main theme andtherefore fitting with the Nature theme and also fitting with earlier covered poems.This poem is set in the physical world, this is in contrast with other poems byColeridge which have some supernatural element in the. This physical world iswhat inspires the poet to offer a prayer to Nature, and it is also the churchwhere that prayer is offered.

In first 5 lines ofthe poem, the poet talks about that only his imagination is that what lets him enjoyall earthly things. This joy is being felt from deep within the poet heart. He thentalks about that in his imagination, leaves and flowers become his teachers andthat these teachers teach him both how to love and how to have faith. In the next 3lines  the poet speaks of that he doesnot mind reality turning out the way it is intended.  Everyone can make fun of this because it isn’tbased on any truths however he doesn’t mind this.

He is also not afraid that itwill become untrue. He also doesn’t care that no one else understands it. Andhe also does not believe that it will not come to any purpose.In these final lines,Coleridge hints at the reader that he will build his own church that is in linewith nature. The dome of this church will be made out of an open sky. He talksabout how he will worship only with the scent of flowers.

Nature is the onlyGod that exists for the Coleridge and that God will even love  a man like him.


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